Vaccinated Covid Deaths Five Times Higher Than Unvaccinated Covid Deaths: Haryana Govt

The state govt said that out of all the coronavirus deaths in Jan 2022, the jabbed-to-unjabbed ratio of deaths was 34-to-7

New Delhi, January 30, 2022: Critical-thinking people have been suspecting this all along. That people who took the untested and experimental Covid-19 vaccine are more at risk of losing their lives to the disease than those who are unjabbed.

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They have now been proven right, thanks to undeniable government data, according to a report.

In perhaps a world first, the government of Haryana, as reported by The Indian Express, has disclosed that out of the state’s Covid-related deaths during the first month of 2022, the fatality rate is five times higher among the vaccinated as compared to those unjabbed.

If it sounds incredible to you, then that’s only because media propaganda has groomed you to get the wrong impression: that the Covid-19 vaccine is protecting you from the disease. The Haryana government’s own initial data now shows that it’s exactly the opposite case.

According to official numbers, about 155 people died from the coronavirus disease in Haryana between January 1 and January 27 this year; those Covid deaths took place at a frequency of six fatalities per day.

Out of those 155 Covid deaths in January, the state government analysed 41 of them. They concluded that seven out of the 41 deaths that were analysed were of unvaccinated patients, while the remaining 34 were of vaccinated patients.

So basically, the vaccinated-to-unvaccinated ratio of Covid deaths of the analysed data comes to 34-to-7, or roughly 5-to-1, the report says. That means, in Haryana these days, if you are vaccinated against Covid-19, you are five times more likely to face death than if you are not vaccinated.

Those 41 deaths apart, the remaining 114 Covid fatalities in January are also being analysed by the state’s Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme department, according to the Indian Express report. It remains to be seen if the trend seen in the analysis of the first 41 deaths will hold true or thereabouts for the remaining 114 fatalities.

Some science-driven sceptics of the unproven coronavirus vaccine would expectedly fear that the state government could come under pressure from pro-vaccine lobbies and eventually reverse the 5-to-1 trend in further analysis updates.

Haryana’s overall confirmed Covid-related deaths, meanwhile, stood at 10,237 as of January 27.

Haryana’s admission that its recent Covid-19 deaths were much higher among the vaccinated comes just weeks after the state announced harsh and unscientific vaccine mandates.

In December last year, the state arbitrarily announced that from January 1, 2022, adults who are not doubly jabbed and those who are not vaccinated at all were banned from entering public places, such as petrol pumps, banks, offices, ration shops, shopping malls, restaurants, multiplexes, booze shops, among others.

Haryana’s draconian vaccine rules are defying the central government’s clearly stated no-forced-vaccinations policy. The central government had recently informed the Supreme Court in a written affidavit that Covid vaccines should be voluntary, not mandatory.

The state government is punishing science-driven sceptics who are rightfully and legally questioning the need for the experimental Covid-19 jab. Yet, the numbers are now out – it’s the jabbed who are reportedly dying more than the unjabbed.

Elected by the public and getting paid with taxpayer money to run the state’s affairs, who is the Haryana government working for? The public or the vaccine makers?



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