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Make A Film

Empire Diaries is accepting in-depth research based short documentaries (5 min to 8 mins) on human rights, migration, agriculture, conflict, militarisation, inequality, poverty, peoples’ movement and similar issues.
Send a pitch that goes well with our editorial policy. Before sending a pitch, thoroughly go through our website and YouTube channel. If you are a film school student, student candidate from marginalised communities, get in touch with us before making the film, we will guide you throughout the process. Send across your pitch (not more than 300 words) to
If your pitch is selected, you will be contacted.

We do not pay to students or inexperienced filmmakers. We only pay to experienced filmmakers depending on the content. Please note that the payment does not match market as our platform is not a business entity. 

Researcher And Write For YouTube Shows

Empire Diaries is a fledging organisation. We have launched our YouTube channel and would like to give opportunity to young writers who love in-depth research. Your English must be error-free. You will write two articles per week. The word count will vary from 500 to 1500 words. Your name will appear as Trainee Research Associate/Trainee Journalist/ Research Associate (Will vary as per your experience). 

Before you apply please thoroughly go through our content both video and articles. Our email is

Write Articles

Empire Diaries is accepting research-based articles on migration, conflict, inequality, poverty, militarisation, human rights and similar issues. The final decision regarding the publishing of the article will be taken by the Editors.

You can send across your pitch to

Please do not send the article first. If your pitch is selected you will be contacted. We pay a modest amount for a good and worthy pitch that goes well with our editorial policy. Women are our driving force, so women candidates will be given preference. 

Freelance Opportunities

If you are excellent in English and has sharp copy editing skill, can rewrite and enhance copy you can shoot us an email.

If you have excellent skills in video editing, graphics and animation, we would like to hear from you.

Looking for an opportunity? Want to learn in the process?

Shoot us an email: