Unexplained Spike In Deaths After Covid Vaccination, Shows Research By IIT Professor

So many unanswered questions

By Ratna, EmpireDiaries.com

Data always tells the truth when presented in its entirety. At a time when the experimental Covid-19 vaccine is raising eyebrows for its alarming tendency to cause harm and death, a top professor at IIT Bombay has laid bare the truth – through the sheer use of undeniable data.

Bhaskaran Raman, who is with IIT Bombay’s department of CSE, has shed light on data of Covid and non-Covid deaths in US and Europe during the first two years of the coronavirus pandemic.

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His deep research and lucid presentation has categorically reconfirmed what critical-thinking people have been suspecting all along – that far from preventing infections and saving lives, the period of Covid-19 mass vaccination drive has seen an unexplained spike in deaths.

Disturbing data from Europe

Have a look at Raman’s full research below (click on the link) and share the message around in a world that is increasingly being misled by information sources that are blindly backing the Covid vaccine and ignoring its otherwise obvious failures and problems.

(Views expressed in the research are personal)


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