Trudeau Chickens Out As Protesters Surround Parliament, Ask Him To Scrap Vaccine Mandates

Jab mandates and lockdowns have exposed Canada as a fascist, authoritarian state


New Delhi, January 30, 2022: In a major and expected move against illegal Covid-19 vaccine mandates and unethical lockdowns, a giant gathering of truckers called “Freedom Convoy” has built up in the Canadian capital of Ottawa and peacefully assembled outside Parliament Hill – the country’s seat of government.

To avoid facing the critical-thinking, peaceful crowd of truckers, PM Justin Trudeau, who has been forcefully imposing punishing moves on judicious people who question the experimental coronavirus vaccine, has fled to a secret location in and around Ottawa.

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The truckers, forming a disciplined convoy of trucks, have been protesting over an authoritarian decision of the Trudeau government that bans the free movement of unvaccinated Canadian truckers across the US border.

From mid-January, all Canadian truckers who have exercised their lawful right to avoid taking the experimental, unproven Covid vaccine, will be forced to quarantine every time they return to their country after a cross-border trip to the US.

The forceful vaccine mandate has expectedly angered about 16,000 Canadian truckers who have ignored the jab that Trudeau, his police, his health officials and the international Big Pharma forces have desperately been trying to impose on the public.

Canada has about 120,000 truckers who routinely cross the 9,000km US border for work, and the majority of them have been forced to get vaccinated due to illogical mandates – only because they have to protect their jobs and livelihoods.

The 16,000-odd truckers launched an anti-mandate protest campaign in western Canada about a week ago. Their giant convoy then peacefully snaked through the country from west to east during the week. Blaring horns during their journey, and cheered on by thousands of critical-thinking people lined up on roadsides and overpasses, the truckers entered Ottawa this weekend, seeking justice.

Their demand is to make their elected PM, who draws his salary from taxpayer money, face them and scrap the unpopular and economically harsh vaccine mandates as well as other curbs – given that Covid-19 death rates are going down.

Canada claims it is a democratic country, but vaccine mandates and martial lockdowns in the last two years have exposed the nation as a fascist, authoritarian state in practice. The country’s government, pushed by a global mafia pushing the dangerous, experimental vaccine, has arm-twisted and cajoled 80% of the eligible population to take the jab.

Vaccine makers, the WHO (World Health Organization) and governments that are pursuing a desperate mission to jab the global population with a purely experimental vaccine are worried that the Freedom Convoy may go on to motivate critical-thinking people around the world to protest vaccine-related injustices.

The international mainstream media is expectedly ignoring well-deserved coverage of the protest of critical-thinking truckers. News outlets such as CNN and BBC, which routinely ignore news coverage that serves the public, have largely blanked out the Ottawa protest. Some of them are calling it a “siege”, wrongfully making people get the impression that some sort of an armed takeover is underway in Canada and that Trudeau’s life is in danger – which is evidently far from the reality.

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2 years ago

Hello from the UK

Many thanks for this post. I am behind the truckers 100% and did my own post on the convoy to show solidarity. Here’s the link if you are interested.

Please note I do use humour as necessary on posts and pages to lighten the mood and help make the points.

Kind regards

Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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