Why Novak Djokovic Walked Off The Australian Open With The Biggest Trophy Of His Life

The tennis icon rose above his conformist competitors by taking a stand against the new abnormal of vaccine mandates
Novak Djokovic has made people wake up to the reality of a new abnormal (Photo: Tatiana, Moscow)

Ratna and Awbuck Qandoe, EmpireDiaries.com

New Delhi, January 17, 2022: They did not let him play in the Australian Open. But he flew out of the country run by an astonishingly regressive government with a trophy perhaps bigger than his 20 Grand Slam titles put together.

Novak Djokovic refused to get jabbed with an unproven, untested vaccine. It cost him a shot at a historic 21st Grand Slam title and a record 10th Australian Open crown. But by standing by his decision to refuse the disputed coronavirus vaccine, the tennis legend showed his spine in a world where the jab has been turned into a monster religion.

Either you have to follow this new religion of vaccinism, or you are out, that’s the message to all of us in a new world order dictated by Big Pharma. And Djokovic has chosen to stay out.

His decision only confirms that many, many critical-thinking people around the world and here in India feel about the untested vaccine and the dictatorial push to mandate it.

The sequence of events, from the time the tennis star landed in Melbourne to his deportation back to Serbia, shows to what extent Big Government, arm-twisted by Big Pharma, can go in order to harass even the most popular sportsperson of our times.


In 10 eventful days since January 5, Djokovic landed in Melbourne, saw his visa get scrapped, was thrown into detention, appealed legally and got his visa restored, then saw the Australian government legally challenge his stay again, before finally the courts declared the visa invalid, packing him off on a deportation flight out of the country.

Quite naturally, sports fans and people across the world erupted in anger in support of Djokovic, hailing his gritty stance that Covid-19 vaccination is a matter of personal choice and it cannot be mandated.

Djokovic’s family members felt humiliated. His mother said her son was pushed into a new Guantanamo Bay. And his father said Djokovic was not just fighting for his own rights, but for all 7 billion people in the world.


Djokovic’s brother Djordje lamented that he was reduced to the status of a criminal. “My brother Novak is being treated as a criminal. He had the same visa as other players who were granted to enter Australia. He is the greatest athlete of all time. This is a scandal,” he said.

The mainstream media is hand in glove with a cartel of vaccine makers, the WHO (World Health Organization) and governments in this systematic push to advertise the Covid vaccine and the need to mandate it worldwide.

That is why the popular press isn’t reporting Djokovic’s stance as ethical. Instead, they have resorted to character assassination, projecting him as an anti-science athlete who is losing out on further glory because of needless vaccine hesitancy.

In the same way, the reputed press isn’t giving coverage to hundreds of thousands of people around the world who are protesting against the Australian government’s audacity to insult an upright athlete.


Djokovic is no fool, mind you. He is one of the most accomplished tennis players ever and arguably among the greatest athletes of all time. Only an intelligent, smart and farsighted character can go the distance that Djokovic has gone in the challenging world of international tennis.

So, he knows exactly well what he is fighting for. He is fighting to say ‘no’ to a Covid-19 vaccine rolled out blatantly without any experimentation at all. Vaccines take years and decades to qualify for mass use. But the Covid-19 vaccines were rolled out in just one year’s time. It didn’t go through the grind of experimentation. It has turned the whole world into a giant laboratory.

Instances of deaths and illnesses from the vaccine are simply being ignored as extremely rare side effects, yet again, thanks to the pro-corporate, pro-government press.

Djokovic’s fight is also against the idea of a vaccine mandate. To mandate a vaccine is to actually blackmail people into taking the jab to protect their livelihood. The no-jab-no-job threat is the new terror in town. People who are questioning and defying the vaccine are being ostracised from society – just like it was for atheists in mediaeval times.


Australia was not a one-off case. Djokovic has more painful career sacrifices coming up, no doubt. The French Open has already sounded out that unvaccinated players won’t be welcomed at its coming edition.

Yet, history is full of instances of sportspersons choosing self-esteem and principle over glory and commercialisation. Remember Cristiano Ronaldo snubbing Coke at a press conference last year?

Today, Melbourne is happily conducting the 2022 edition of the Australian Open without Djokovic. But the city and the country will forever be haunted by the mark left behind by the Serbian.

Djokovic has unleashed his trademark cross backhand in Melbourne that has floored many at one go – Australia’s courts, PM Scott Morrison’s government, global vaccine-pushers such as the WHO, and most significantly, the gigantic pharmaceutical cartel dictating our lives over the past couple of years by misusing the pandemic.

(Home page photo: Cesar/ Wikimedia Commons)

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2 years ago

I guess that Djokevic has taught the French government a lesson. It’s rushed to pass a law to ban anti vaxxers. He won’t be welcome at the French open either.

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