Big Media Didn’t Show You — Protest Over Vaccine Injuries Rocks London

IN PICTURES Thousands of people, angered after being injured by Covid-19 vaccines, demonstrated outside London's BBC office, seeking justice
A protester and her message at the demonstration in London on January 21, 2023 (Twitter)


During the past few months, we were shown vivid images and video footage of protests taking place across China against Covid-19 lockdowns. The mainstream media, led by the Western news outlets, told us that the protests were inspirational. The media reported that China threw the protesters into jails, that the Chinese government censored the human rights movement, and that the lockdowns were too severe and inhuman.

But more recently, on January 21, 2023, several thousand people protested in London right outside the BBC office. They were protesting over the rising number of serious injuries being caused by Covid-19 vaccines in Britain.

In the protesting crowd in London, there were people in wheelchairs who were severely injured by the jab. Also, many of the protesters were those who had at least some adverse effect from the vaccination. And many others were conscious citizens who now want the shots to be paused immediately because of the rising number of injuries. The protesters called on the mainstream media to cover the global crisis. They also want the vaccine makers to be held responsible for the injuries.

However, this enormous, touching protest didn’t get covered at all by entire British and global media. In fact, when Empire Diaries published a special video report on the London protest, it was immediately taken off air by YouTube, citing a violation of its community policies. The video didn’t carry any fake news, and didn’t have any inflammatory or derogatory content. The coverage was only focused on the peaceful protesters, especially the ones who were protesting because they were injured by the vaccine.

Injuries from Covid-19 vaccines around the world are rising steadily in numbers. But you will get to know about them only on Twitter. That’s because the social media platform cannot be fully censored, while popular media networks are easily compromised.

You have seen the protests in China, which the media wanted you to track properly. Now take a good, hard and honest look at the other protest that rocked the world. The one in London on January 21. Here’s a gallery of key moments from the protests that were shared on Twitter by various protesters and critical-thinking people.

Protesters gather outside the BBC office in London
The demonstration was named ‘Truth Be Told’
The mainstream media didn’t cover the demonstration
Several people injured by the Covid-19 vaccine attended the protest
Even the BBC didn’t cover the protest that day
Reports of coronavirus vaccine injuries are rising
The protest was largely peaceful
A banner calls for justice
The protesters lamented the media’s lopsided coverage of vaccine injuries
The protest was further confirmation of the rising instances of vaccine injuries

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