Covid Jabs May Have Killed 2,78,000 People In US, Reveals Major Survey

Published on the website of BMC, the report says Covid-19 vaccines possibly left one million Americans injured as well
Covid-19 vaccines may have killed an estimated 2,78,000 Americans, according to a newly published study (Photo: Pixabay)

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January 24, 2023: Coronavirus vaccines may have killed an estimated 2,78,000 people in the US and possibly injured about one million others in the North American country ever since the jabs’ roll-out in early 2021, a survey conducted in the United States has found.

The survey on the basis of which the estimated numbers were arrived at was published by Britain-based BioMed Central or BMC Infectious Diseases, which is a popular, widely cited open-access publisher of scientific journals.

On Tuesday, the BMC’s website published the conclusion of the survey in a research paper on its website, titled: “The role of social circle Covid-19 illness and vaccination experiences in Covid-19 vaccination decisions: an online survey of the United States population.”

The findings of the survey, written by Mark Skidmore of Michigan State University, were completed in July last year. Crucially, the report calls for further investigation into a link between Covid-19 jabs and deaths.

In the damning report, the survey’s author makes critical remarks in the “Discussion” section, underlining the fatal damage that Covid-19 vaccines may have caused to unsuspecting Americans within the first year of the feverish coronavirus vaccination campaign.

“Estimates from the survey indicate that through the first year of the Covid-19 vaccination programme, there may be as many as 278,000 vaccine-induced fatalities and up to a million severe adverse events,” Skidmore concludes in the report. “The analyses offer new evidence that the health experiences with the Covid-19 illness and vaccination within social circles play an important role in the decision to be vaccinated.”

Citing the alarming findings in the survey, the report also states, “The reported Covid-19 vaccine adverse events within respondent social circles in the survey are substantial, suggesting that this effect is an important factor in vaccine hesitancy, whether perceived or real.”

A total of 2,840 participants were interviewed for the survey that was done between December 18 and 23, 2021. About 51% of the survey’s participants, or 1,383, were female, while the mean age was 47 years. The survey found that 22% (612 of 2,840) of the participants revealed that they knew at least one individual who had experienced a severe health issue after taking a coronavirus vaccine. On the basis of the overall survey data, Skidmore writes that the total number of fatalities from Covid-19 vaccination may be 2,78,000 when deaths that may have occurred irrespective of jabbing are not taken into consideration.

Underlining the need for a detailed probe into whether coronavirus jabs are indeed safe, the survey report concludes, “Knowing someone who reported serious health issues either from Covid-19 or from Covid-19 vaccination are important factors for the decision to get vaccinated. The large difference in the possible number of fatalities due to Covid-19 vaccination that emerges from this survey and the available governmental data should be further investigated.”

The chilling survey report, which Covid-19 vaccine fanatics on social media claim could have included a higher number of participants in order to be more representative of the US population, stormed into attention on Twitter following a post from renowned British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra shortly after BMC published it.

The chilling findings highlight growing calls from critical-thinking people around the world, including in the US and India, to authorities to rethink their Covid-19 vaccination drives. Hundreds and thousands of health-conscious people have been protesting across continents since mid-2021, calling for an end to vaccine mandates and other measures aimed at incentivising Covid-19 vaccination.

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