Djokovic’s Slap Across The Face Of Vaccine Empire Will Echo For Ages

Wasn’t it poetic justice that vaccine promoter Bill Gates was clapping from the stands at The Djoker’s historic Australian Open victory?
Novak Djokovic reacts after winning a point against Stefanos Tsitsipas at Melbourne Park during the Australian Open final on Sunday (Instagram)


Nadim Siraj

When Novak Djokovic climbed onto the stands at Melbourne Park, hugged his coach, his mother, and his teammates, and then started to sob bitterly like a little child after limply collapsing on the floor, time stood still for a few minutes.

That emotional moment on Sunday night, watched by millions of people around the world, meant many things at once that go far, far beyond the realm of sport.

One, it signalled a thunderous slap that the No. 1 tennis player delivered across the shameless face of the pharmaceutical empire. Wasn’t it poetic justice that vaccine promoter Bill Gates was clapping from the stands at The Djoker’s historic comeback?

Two, it signalled the biggest win for critical-thinking people all around the world who have been heckled, ridiculed, and marginalised for the past two years for showing spine against vaccine mandates.

And three, it signalled that the 35-year-old tennis legend’s decision to defy the draconian vaccine mandate was right, as he stormed to victory after brushing aside a long list of double and triple vaccinated competitors.

When Djokovic declared after his Australian Open win that it was the “biggest victory” of his life, it encapsulated much more than just his feat of equalling Rafael Nadal’s 22 Grand Slam title triumphs. It was not merely about sport.


His powerful words were a reference to the pain, struggle, and eternal wait that he had to endure to calmly and quietly conjure the mother of all comebacks in the history of human resistance against corporate empires.

A year back, when the mainstream media in collusion with the WHO (World Health Organisation) and Big Pharma were brutally pushing Covid-19 vaccine mandates and Apartheid-ing people who defied them, Djokovic faced a kind of harassment unseen in sport or in the lives of celebrated achievers.

Having proclaimed to the world that he would take the jab only on his own free will and that he won’t get bullied into taking it by an authoritarian mandate, Djokovic headed out to Melbourne to defend his Australian Open title after securing a go-ahead from Victoria state and the competition’s organisers.

But just after he landed there, the unseen faces puppeteering the global vaccine narrative seemingly swung into action, gaming the Australian government to get him detained, troubled, pressured, and eventually thrown out of the country.

The tennis legend returned to his hut, licking his wounds. The popular press, blinded by the narrative favouring vaccine mandates, deserted him. Unvaccinated people who supported him were lampooned as losers. And basic human rights went into hibernation.

Little did the world, especially the Big Pharma cartel, know at time that after one year, Djokovic would roar back, stamp his authority on Melbourne Park, and deal the mandarins of the New World (Dis)Order an epic blow – with Mr. Gates looking on from the stands!

There’s an interesting irony to Djokovic’s unreal comeback. His fight against the largely unquestioned vaccine empire underlined the significance of the fight for our human rights. Yet, the very people on behalf of whom he fought the fight, themselves – that is, the general public – were blindly in love with the vaccine narrative and sided against him.

A popular news website’s home page after Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open title on Sunday. Unusually, there was no mention of the result of the championship final on the home page throughout the evening (Screenshot)

Poor Djokovic fought this fight against all odds, and won it for the people who don’t and won’t know the worth of what he’s tried to accomplish for them and for their rights.

In the days, weeks, months, years, and decades to come, commentators will shove Djokovic’s Melbourne march under the microscope of tennis and analyse his win against Stefanos Tsitsipas only from a narrow, sporting perspective.

Only those who are wide awake will remember the 29th of January, 2023 as the coronavirus pandemic’s David and Goliath moment. Funny that it needed a man who goes by the name Novak – no vac! – to pull that off.

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