CBDC Explained — The Banking War You Don’t See

Central banks and commercial banks are caught in a bitter race to control the global money supply. Here's a special report on what's cooking.

CBDC Explained — The Banking War You Don’t See

Nadim Siraj

March 22, 2024: For the past couple of decades, two rival factions of the banking industry have been fighting a silent war. Who are these two factions? One lobby controls the major central banks around the world. And the rival group controls the top commercial banks.

Why are they fighting? And what are they fighting for? Central banks now want to get into the business of creating electronic money or digital money for the public. To be able to do that, they want to launch a centralised digital currency called CBDC. Through that, they want to establish a direct relationship with the public. But they have an enemy on their way – the commercial banks. That’s why there is a war.

Watch this exclusive Empire Diaries report to know all about CBDCs and the untold banking war that matters to you.

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