Neuralink Brain Chip — The Race For Mind Control

An Empire Diaries special report on the hidden agenda behind Elon Musk's Neuralink brain chip project.

Neuralink brain chip and mind control

Nadim Siraj

February 27, 2024: Whenever we talk about ‘colonialism’, what comes to mind? Ancient kingdoms invading faraway lands. And in modern times, the World Bank and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) capturing the economies of Africa and Asia.

Very soon, a completely new form of colonialism is about to be unleashed on the world. It’s the ultimate form of colonialism – the colonisation of your brain. It’s the final frontier in the long-term plot to control your life.

In this thought-provoking report, we bring you the story of tech-obsessed tycoon Elon Musk and his ‘Neuralink project’. It’s basically a scientific operation to implant silicon microchips right inside your brain. Essentially, it’s a Silicon Valley project to invade your mind, colonise your deepest thoughts, and dictate your life.

Musk’s Neuralink has taken colonialism to an unprecedented level.

Musk recently announced that his biotech company, Neuralink, has successfully placed an electronic chip inside a human being’s brain. He gave an interesting, scientific-sounding explanation for the intrusive experiment. He argued that by planting microchips in the brain, doctors will be able to treat complex neurological problems in patients.

Basically, Neuralink’s implanted chips will collect signals transmitted inside the brain, and then beam them wirelessly to a computer outside.

Since it is a scary and invasive experiment, Neuralink cleverly describes it using words that sound safe and sanitised. The technology is officially being called ‘BCI’ or ‘brain-computer interface’. It is also being called ‘human-AI symbiosis’. Neuralink’s first public-use product will be marketed under the brand name of ‘Telepathy’.

Now, the healthcare and AI angles are a clever distraction. Healthcare or technology is often used as a cover for various kinds of unethical experimentation involving human lives. No-one suspects foul play when you tell them that an experiment is being done for a scientific or medical breakthrough.

Elon Musk’s company, which operates from California, has officially crossed the ultimate boundary of ethics and decency with this invasive breakthrough. Neuralink ran the experiment only after getting permission last summer from the US-based watchdog, FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Implanting chips inside humans is very, very disturbing. Soon, there’s likely to be a hectic race between Western and Chinese technology companies to colonise the brains of the public using electronic implants.

We already know what Big Tech companies are doing to us. They gave us internet phones and social media to harvest data about what we do, what we want, what we consume, and how we live. They sell that data for billions of dollars without sharing a penny with us.

Now, by planting silicon chips in your brain, the tech companies can tap into your private thoughts. They will know precisely what you have in mind. By accessing the chip in your brain wirelessly from outside, they will be able to control your thoughts and actions.

On another front, the Neuralink project also could give the ruling class more firepower to place the public under a surveillance regime – simply by tapping into people’s thoughts and perceptions via the chip.

It’s not Elon Musk alone. Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are in the same race to invade your brain. Their investment firms have funded a biotech company called Synchron. The US-Australian company has implanted wireless medical devices in 10 human volunteers.

Synchron was in the news when an Australian man suffering from a motor neuron disease tweeted without using his hands. He had a wireless device implanted in his body. The device made him use his eyes to move the cursor, write the tweet, and post it.

Another contender in the race is a research team at Lausanne University in Switzerland. The scientists embedded devices deep inside the body of a cyclist who was paralysed after an accident. Now, because the implanted devices were wirelessly connected to the nervous system, he was able to walk again.

All this sounds very sci-fi and cool. The Neuralink brain chip is giving people the impression that medical science has made a whole new breakthrough. That someday soon, these chips will wipe out all neurological complications.

Now, this is precisely how colonialism looks at the start. This is the honeymoon stage. When the Portuguese pirate Vasco da Gama reached Calicut (now Kozhikode, in Kerala) in 1498, no-one there suspected what was coming next. Through Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese Empire colonised the Malabar coastline.

In the same way, Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain chip could one day see corporations, governments, intelligence agencies, hackers, and the police read our mind real-time and eventually influence our decisions.

Today, with the Neuralink brain chip, patients are being able to communicate outwards. Tomorrow, it could be the other way round. Outside forces will be able to hack into our brains and make us think and behave the way they want!

Talking about hacking, a mainstream narrative has already been shaped to make us feel that breakthroughs like the Neuralink brain chip are normal. In recent times, the WEF (World Economic Forum) signed up popular writer Yuval Noah Harari. He is the ‘agenda contributor’ at the WEF, which acts as a front office for unseen power elites.

Harari goes from country to country, lecturing people that humans have become hackable. The interesting thing is, he doesn’t say it like an activist. He doesn’t warn people of the dangers of things such as the Neuralink brain chip in the brain. Instead, Harari smartly tries to familiarise his audiences with the invasion of the mind and body as a new normal.

Hollywood also contributes to this narrative of normalising the abnormal. It routinely produces cheap thrillers, promoting bodily invasion in the name of science and coolness. Think about movies such as Matrix, Terminator, Thirteenth Floor, and RoboCop. Then there is Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report and Artificial Intelligence.

In 1992, a Hollywood film called Fortress was a huge hit. It showed a futuristic prison where inmates are not allowed to dream in their sleep. If they dream while they’re asleep, drone-like robots monitoring their brains wirelessly will detect it and punish them.

The Neuralink brain chip has a dark past. In 2022, it was claimed that 1,500 animals died because of the company’s experiment to place microchips inside the brain. The animals included monkeys, pigs, and sheep.

If you go to Neuralink’s website, you will find the cryptic words, ‘Unlock Human Potential’. Its rival company, Synchron, supported by Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, uses the catchphrase, ‘The Brain Unlocked’.

Both the companies use the word ‘unlock’ to describe what they do. Isn’t it a hint of the hidden agenda? What will the Neuralink brain chip unlock? They will unlock your brain and your children’s brains for outside forces to access, invade, colonise, mislead, and monetise from it.

With the Neuralink brain chip project, the red line of colonialism is being crossed in the name of technology and healthcare. Modern-day Vasco da Gama’s ships have arrived in Calicut. It’s up to us now – the targets – to stop the colonisers from setting foot on the sand.

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