Anthony Fauci To Step Down; Will He Get Away Unpunished For His Crimes?

The Big Pharma agent leaves behind a legacy of fearmongering, lockdowns and untested jabs

August 23, 2022: Just days after the US CDC admitted it got its pandemic response wrong, celebrated American quack Anthony Fauci, the instigator-in-chief of hard lockdowns and untested vaccines, on Monday announced he’s resigning in December.
“I am announcing today that I will be stepping down from the positions of Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and chief of the NIAID Laboratory of Immunoregulation, as well as the position of chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden,” said Fauci, the 81-year-old vaccine marketer. “I will be leaving these positions in December of this year to pursue the next chapter of my career.”
Fauci is infamously discredited with trying to pilot the questionable coronavirus narrative from the start on behalf the opportunistic Big Pharma empire. Other prominent faces of the pharma mafia include vaccine agents and mask marketers Bill Gates and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

During the first year of the pandemic, Fauci was the most televised face of the US government’s response, exploiting the position to push his dodgy quackery and the pharma lobby’s profit-centric agenda.
Fauci had to face a lot of criticism for his response to the pandemic. He was instrumental in coaxing governments around the world to follow the American model and impose unethical lockdowns for an infectious disease with a mortality rate of less than 1% .

As a result of the harsh lockdowns and other distancing measures, he helped economically paralyze the lives of about 3 billion poor people on earth.

He used his notoriously deep connections within Big Pharma to help roll out untested vaccines one after another that failed to stop the infection, and later sparked premature deaths.

He also promoted the dodgy RTPCR testing as the benchmark in tracking the pandemic. Based on the inflated positive numbers from the testing, he misinformed people about the gravity of the pandemic. He hardly listened to qualified scientists, doctors, and experts who challenged his one-sided narrative and did everything to hog the limelight himself.

He was continuously challenged by US senator Rand Paul and a few others, though. Paul has repeatedly asserted that the US funded the gain-of-function research. The
two had a public spat at a Senate Health Committee in July, with Paul suggesting
Fauci lied to US congress about whether the NIH funded the GOF research.
Fauci said he “never lied before the congress” and stood by his assertion that the
NIH did not fund GOF research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. He said, “Senator
Paul, you do not know what you’re talking about, quite frankly.”

The National Institutes of Health later admitted to funding gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses at China’s Wuhan lab, despite Fauci repeatedly telling congress that no such thing happened.

It is interesting to note that CDC, earlier this week, admitted that it got its pandemic response wrong. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the US CDC, said, “To be frank, we [at the CDC] are responsible for some pretty dramatic, pretty public mistakes, from [Covid] testing to data to communications.”

Before the CDC changed its coronavirus guidelines and removed the distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. The CDC has dropped quarantine, social distancing, school screening recommendations for Covid-19.

First, a change in coronavirus guidelines, then the CDC’s admission of failure, and now Fauci’s resignation. Is the criminal Big Pharma empire facing the heat? Have the chickens come home to roost? Or will Fauci walk away from all this unscathed and unpunished?

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