Pandemic: 35 Tough Questions WHO Needs To Answer

The entire narrative of the coronavirus pandemic is full of holes


August 21, 2022: The dust is finally settling two and a half years since the coronavirus pandemic was declared. Over time, the myths associated with the outbreak have been exposed – one by one – from fearmongering, to testing, to lockdowns, to vaccine and mask mandates.

While most people around the world walked into the trap laid by the WHO (World Health Organisation) and took the untested jab, many others applied common sense and defied the trend.

One of them is Dr Arvind Kushwaha, an infectious disease expert and additional professor at AIIMS, Nagpur. His expertise ranges from infectious disease epidemiology, public health, outbreak investigation to mental health and family health. He was a part of the central rapid response team to Maharashtra deputed by the health ministry during the early stages of the pandemic.

Right from the time the WHO declared the pandemic and the world panicked and waited for a vaccine, Dr Kushwaha, alongside several other doctors, has been consistently questioning the narrative peddled by the corporate press. His probing questions covered various aspects, right from the WHO’s decision to scare people into accepting lockdowns to the shady origins of the virus.

The doctor has put together a list of incisive questions that we believe the WHO and its chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus should answer at once. The questions are unanswered, and they come in the backdrop of the damage the pandemic and its aftermath have caused.


  1. Who funds WHO? What are the sources? Does WHO receive funds from pharma companies?
  2. Was any drill conducted on a likely coronavirus pandemic before the actual pandemic happened? Did WHO or any staff attend it?
  3. How many staffers at WHO have worked at CDC or received research funding from Gates Foundation, Pfizer, etc.?
  4. How closely is Bill Gates, who lobbies for vaccine use, related to WHO?


  1. What is the source of SARS-Cov-2? When and where was the SARS-Cov-2 genome first studied?
  2. When was the WHO first intimated about cases of an unknown pneumonia in Wuhan?
  3. Is it certain that the virus is a result of natural evolution and jumped species? Is it certain that the virus didn’t leak from a lab?
  4. Why was gain-of-function research carried out? Why did the NIH fund it?
  5. Why has India never been shown to have community transmission on WHO’s website? In 2020, India was shown to have community transmission, but soon it was removed. Why?


  1. When and where was RTPCR testing for Covid developed?
  2. What is the false positive rate for RTPCR? Did RTPCR distinguish different viruses, including flu, which causes the same set of symptoms?
  3. Why was the cut-off CT value for RTPCR testing fixed at 35-40 cycles?
  4. Why did CDC abandon RTPCR testing and introduce Multiplex testing? To differentiate between Covid and flu cases?  
  5. What is the actual overall infection-fatality rate for Covid?
  6. Why was the definition of ‘case’ altered to include RTPCR positives?


  1. What is the evidence that masks prevent Covid? Are there studies on the ill-effects of prolonged mask use, especially in elderly and children?
  2. Did WHO advocate lockdown as a control measure? If yes, what is the evidence to support the recommendation?
  3. Why was fear propagated by WHO repeatedly despite clear evidence of very low infection-fatality rates?
  4. Can WHO provide evidence to support measures such as universal masking, school closures, and social distancing?
  5. Why was universal masking suggested despite no concrete evidence of its effectiveness through official studies?
  6. Why were drugs such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) not promoted?
  7. What was the definition of ‘herd immunity’ before 2019? Why was the definition changed? What is the current definition?
  8. Why was the proposed pandemic treaty being brought in knowing fully well that pandemics affect different parts of the world differently?
  9. Do nations not have their own right to bring in their own pandemic-control measures?
  10. What criteria will be used to call off this pandemic?


  1. What is the meaning of “Nobody is safe until everyone is safe”? Wasn’t it clearly aimed at promoting vaccines that couldn’t prevent Covid infection?
  2. Why Africa, despite poor vaccination coverage, didn’t see surges in cases and deaths unlike in well-vaccinated Europe, US, Israel, etc.?
  3. Does a vaccine made against the Wuhan strain remain effective against Delta, Omicron, and newer variants? If yes, what are the studies to prove it? If no, why continue the vaccination drive with old vaccines?
  4. What is the number of deaths due to Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFI) that should occur before halting vaccination?
  5. How is the benefit-risk matrix worked out to launch a vaccine that has not been studied and tested adequately?
  6. Does a disease with more than 99.9% survival need to be dealt by mass vaccination, taking the risk-benefit ratio into consideration? Has any other disease been dealt in this manner in history?
  7. How does the Covid vaccine compare against natural infection in terms of neutralising antibodies?
  8. How can herd immunity be achieved with a vaccine that doesn’t protect against infection and has short-lasting immunity?
  9. Why vaccinate healthy children since mortality in them is nearly zero?
  10. What are the criteria or incidence of deaths following vaccination that is enough to stop the vaccination drive?

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