Big Disclosure: Covid Vaccine Was ‘Clinically Tested’ On Billions Of People, Admits Barack Obama

The former US president made the surprise disclosure during a lecture at Stanford

Ratna and Nadim

May 5, 2022: Former American President Barack Obama recently disclosed during a lecture at Stanford University that the coronavirus vaccination drive was a test conducted on billions of people around the world.

The public confession by Obama, who is still to be convicted for international war crimes conducted during his presidency, is a rare instance of a former top leader from G7 saying that the Covid-19 vaccine is being tested on the public.

World leaders, the WHO (World Health Organisation), vaccine companies and other influential pharma and pro-pharma lobby groups have consistently insisted that the jab had first been tested properly before being rolled out for public use – allaying fears over its safety.

Half an hour into his hour-long speech at the American university’s Palo Alto campus in California on April 21, 2022, Obama said, “Take Covid. The fact that scientists developed safe, effective vaccines in record time is an unbelievable achievement. And yet, despite the fact that we’ve now essentially clinically tested the vaccine on billions of people worldwide, around one in five Americans is still going to themselves in risk and put their families in risk rather than get vaccinated. People are dying because of misinformation.”

You can watch the full lecture here. Obama’s remark about testing the vaccine on the public comes at 28:15 minutes in this video shared by Stanford University.

While Obama candidly said that masses of people were being experimented with, the former leader of the planet’s biggest military regime backed the coronavirus vaccine.

The 61-year-old servant of the Democratic Party, who served as US president from 2009 to 2017, was addressing a crowd on the subject: ‘Challenges to Democracy in the Digital Information Realm’.

His keynote address was typically packed with the grandstanding that he’s known for, as he attempted to talk sense on the subject of “disinformation and democracy at home and around the world”.

The lecture was hosted by the university’s cyber policy centre and his own nonprofit, the Obama Foundation.

Obama has an extraordinary legacy. At the start of his tenure as president, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for yet-to-be-ascertained contribution to international diplomacy. Soon after that, he oversaw deadly drone attacks launched by American forces in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen that resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths.

In 2017, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism reported that there were 10 times more airstrikes in America’s ‘war on terror’ during Obama’s presidency than under George W. Bush.


Hundreds of thousands of critical-thinking people around the world have been seeking answers to disturbing questions about the coronavirus vaccine and the pandemic’s narrative in the mainstream media since the jab was hurriedly rolled out in early 2021.

Many of them questioned its safety since it was launched for public use in just over 300 days’ time, in contrast to years of internal testing that vaccines in the past have had to undergo before launch.

Many critics, including top doctors and activist-lawyers, have been pointing to a rising number of unexplained deaths and instances of serious side effects among people who took the shot. Vaccine mandates, too, have been fiercely contested worldwide (Watch the video here). The pushback has even come from iconic public figures such as tennis great Novak Djokovic and music legend Eric Clapton.

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