France Bows To Science As Djokovic Could Play In French Open; Ibrahimovic Supports Novak

After the tennis No.1 was initially unwelcome at the Grand Slam, Paris opened the doors for him


New Delhi, January 25, 2022: Novak Djovovic has just delivered a smashing return to the global vaccine cartel to seal a crucial point against Big Pharma.

Days after the regressive Australian government disallowed him from playing in the Australian Open because he has decided not to take the experimental Covid-19 vaccine, the French government has decided to make a U-turn.

Going by documents made public by the French Federal Court, Djokovic is all set to be given the go-ahead to play in this summer’s French Open. The Grand Slam event at the Roland Garros will be played from May 22 to June 5.

In another positive development for the Serbian tennis legend, a famed sportsperson has come out in support of Djokovic’s determined stand. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, AC Milan superstar and Swedish football legend, has said, “Nobody should be forced to get vaccinated.”

Ibrahimovic made the powerful remark during an interview to Journal du Dimanche, a French magazine. Here’s a snapshot of the published interview in which he throws his support behind Djokovic.

The entire world has been polarised on the issue of Covid vaccine mandates and the need for a sweeping vaccine experiment. Just when it seemed that the forced vaccination drive would only get even worse, protests have started erupting in various countries. The saying that ‘you cannot fool all the people all the time’ has caught up with Big Pharma’s Big Experiment and their Big Agents.

Djokovic’s firm stand, among those of many, many critical-thinking people like him, comes at a time when we are seeing a desperate dash by pharmaceutical companies to ‘weaponise’ the new flu. Using the the tools of Big Government and Big Media, they have managed to manufacture and stoke fear in the public’s mind.

Big pharma, Big Governement, Big Tech and Big Media are working together to fan this never-before-seen tyranny and fearmongering, forcing people to sign up for the mass experimentation.

In a reaction to it, a section of the public has started to protest worldwide against illegal vaccine mandates, lockdowns, vaccine passports and forced jabs.

Novak Djokovic played his part well and courageously. One of the greatest athletes of all time decided to say a loud ‘no’ to an illegal vaccine mandate in place in Australia, and walked off in protest with a trophy much bigger than the Australian Open crown.

After the Serbian returned to his country from Melbourne, France had emphatically announced that Djokovic was not welcome to the Roland Garros since he was unvaccinated against the coronavirus.

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But soon after that, protests against vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, illegal lockdowns and mask mandates started exploding worldwide.

Hundreds of thousands of people including healthcare workers, disgusted with the new abnormal, are now hitting the streets to protest against the unscientific drive.

Dubbed ‘Freedom Rally’, demonstrations are taking place in Washington DC, London, Brussels, Paris, Melbourne and many other cities around the world. A few states in India, too, have witnessed anti-mandate and anti-lockdown protests.

As pressure builds, Big Business is clearly showing signs of succumbing to the resistance, as is evident from the way France’s Emmanuel Macron government made a U-turn and provisionally opened the door for Djokovic.

If Djokovic finally plays in the Roland Garros, it will be a big win against the ongoing worldwide vaccine tyranny unleashed by Big Pharma and a giant step towards snuffing out the new-found practice of unscientific, unethical vaccine mandates.

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