Protesters Go, But Protests Leave A Lasting Legacy

IN PICTURES Snapshots from ground zero as farm deregulation protesters wrapped up a year-long stir at Delhi's borders

December 12, 2021: After more than a year of gritty protests, the farmers from Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh eventually packed their bags from the protest sites at Singhu and Ghazipur. The physical marks they left behind at the locations will soon be gone. But the indelible mark they left on the hearts and minds of Delhi’s residents will perhaps remain forever.

Empire Diaries presents a few images from the borders at Singhu and Ghazipur to give a glimpse of the closing moments of the movement this weekend.

A stretch of the protest site at the Singhu border wore this wasteland look on Saturday as the protesters wrapped up their belongings and installations to head back.
A langar (free food outlet) is being dismantled at Singhu. Langars were a lifeline of the protests, not just for the food they dished out, but also for their warmth and welcomeness.
With his mission accomplished, a protester carefully takes down a set-up.
One of the last tractors to leave the Singhu border protest site.
Dismantling is in progress. It follows their successful dismantling of the laws they fought against.
“Job’s done, I’m coming home, boys” – a call to his home in Punjab’s hinterland while he pours a glass of free milk for a visitor.
The legacy of the movement in numbers, displayed at the Singhu border as a reminder to the world of the sacrifices that went into the revolution.
The last of the laddus are distributed at the Singhu border protest site.
Taking down what was their home for a year, at Singhu.
Fire safety equipment, fitted onto a trolley, is ready to be tugged by a tractor all the way back from Singhu to Punjab.
After one long year of hardship and fight, he’s joyfully bidding people at the Singhu border a final goodbye.
A feedback tent at the protest site at Singhu.
People have been queuing up to write their opinions about the protest movement at this kiosk at Singhu. The guy keeping the records says he’s overwhelmed with responses – “Feedback diaries are filling up fast!”
Bamboos that left the agri-corporates bamboozled.
Making a final round of rotis before they pack up from Singhu.
A little garden at the Singhu border, left behind as a token of remembrance.
Spreading the joy, laced with a wholesome sweetness.
Singhu residents catch the last round of free milk distribution at the protest site as the movement winds up.
Time to wrap up and go.
A look as stern as the movement itself, at the Ghazipur border protest site.
‘I was part of the movement, too.’


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