Farmers Call Off Border Protests; Movement Continues

Angry farmers end their historic stir at Delhi's borders. What's next?

New Delhi, December 9, 2021: Farmer leaders have decided to end their year-long protest at Delhi’s borders and go back home. The decision was taken after Samyukt Kisan Morcha held a meeting today at Singhu border.

This comes after the Centre agreed to meet all their demands, including the withdrawal of all cases against the protesting farmers.

The government has claimed to have agreed to compensate the families of farmers who died during the protests at the borders of Delhi.

The agriculture ministry’s letter to the farmer’s body, Samyukt Kisan Morcha

Samyukt Kisan Morcha has also written a letter to the PM seeking resumption of talks on the farmers’ pending demands.

The demands include:

  1. Withdrawal of all criminal and other cases against the farmers related to agitation from all the states, union territories and central govt agencies.
  2. Compensation to all the families of the farmers who died during the protests.
  3. A committee to discuss minimum support prices (MSPs) is to be formed; the SKM will list out members of the panel.
  4. No criminal liability on farmers over stubble burning.
  5. Govt has to discuss the Electricity (Amendment) Bill before bringing it up in the Parliament.

Today, at a press conference at the Singhu border, SKM leaders said that the farmers will hold a review meeting on January 15.

On December 11, the protesting farmers will hold a celebration march at all the borders of the capital before heading back to their homes.

On November 19, PM Modi announced in a televised statement that the three farm laws that had sparked the protests would be repealed.


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