Workers Propose To Run Century Mills, Officials Dispose; Medha Patkar Points To Wrongdoing

Police arrest the rights activist with 40 other peaceful protesters in Mumbai

Mumbai, July 10, 2021: Rights activist Medha Patkar and 40 workers of Century Mill were released on Friday evening from detention at Dadar police station.

Medha Patkar and the employees of Madhya Pradesh-based Century Mill were arrested by Mumbai police earlier in the day while they were protesting over the factory owner’s decision to force all its staff to take VRS outside the Mumbai head office.

The mill’s workers will continue demanding its reopening. They want the VRS notice issued by the mill’s owner to be scrapped.

After the sit-in protest Medha Patkar and protesting workers met the Mill officials at Birla Bhavan, the headquarter.

The workers proposed to the mill authority that they themselves can run the mill after making a proper arrangement, in which the mill owner wanted 100 percent workers participation.

“Later they showed us a false signature that some workers do not want it. This is atrocious,” says gritty Narmada Bachao Activist.

They were on an indefinite fast from Friday morning in front of Birla Bhavan. Medha Patkar, too, was fasting alongside them at the protest camp.

While the peaceful protest was on, cops forcefully detained the protesters and stuffed all the men and women together into one van, taking them to Dadar police station.

“The police forcefully removed us from outside the mill headquarter, they picked us up unlawfully, breaking Covid protocols,” alleges the gritty activist.

Medha Patkar has been closely associated with the Century Mill workers and the fight for their rights since 2017, supporting them with legal help ever since they first protested against the company’s sell-off and eventual closure of the factory.

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