Khori Gaon: An Eviction During Pandemic

10,000 houses will be demolished. Over 1 lakh migrants will be displaced

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Khori Gaon is a settlement of multi-generation migrants near the Surajkund tourist spot in Faridabad, Haryana. The village is inhabited by over 1 lakh people, spanning about 10,000 houses.

The residents are mostly migrant workers who are now on the verge of being uprooted from the low-income group settlement because of a recent court order.

On 7th June, 2021, the Supreme Court reiterated its previous orders on the issue, arguing that since the 170-acre area lies in the Aravali forest zone, Khori Gaon’s residents – as encroachers – need to move out.

The court has ordered the Haryana government to evict the residents in 6 weeks’ time and demolish the houses.

The residents are outraged and panic-stricken. They are lamenting that they had made a lot of payments to local land agents, policemen and the forest department in order to get permission to reside there.

With the writing on the wall, the residents are seeking rehabilitation from the government. They say the same zone is also home to some farmhouses and hotels, but the authorities have selectively only targeted Khori Gaon’s migrant settlers for eviction.

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