‘Ultra-Processed Foods Are A Ticking Time Bomb’

Dr. Arun Gupta, ex-member of PM's Council for India’s Nutrition Challenges and NAPi convenor, sheds light on his campaign to raise awareness about ultra-processed foods. Watch this interview.

‘Ultra-Processed Foods Are A Ticking Time Bomb’


December 8, 2023: Blind fanaticism over ultra-processed foods (UPF) in Bharat is growing at an unprecedented scale. Companies that sell packaged ultra-processed foods are seeing their profit margins grow. In these alarming times, a few people in the country are fighting to raise awareness about the damaging impact of excess UPF consumption, especially on children.

One of them is Dilli-based Dr. Arun Gupta, who has been campaigning hard for the need to coax policymakers to engage with UPF manufacturers, and to find ways to make the public aware about what they’re putting into their mouths.

Dr. Gupta is a former member of the PM’s Council for India’s Nutrition Challenges. He is currently the convenor of NAPi (Nutrition Advocacy in Public interest, India). In this powerful interview with Empire Diaries, he sheds light on ultra-processed foods in the country and suggests ways to raise awareness about packaged food.

Watch what he has to say about ultra-processed foods and share the interview in public interest.

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