Secret Origin Of Israel Gaza Conflict — The Suez Canal Connection

The 19th century race to control the Suez Canal lies at the heart of the Israel Gaza conflict.

Ratna and Nadim Siraj

Israel Gaza conflict: The untold truth

November 6, 2023: We are often told that the Israel Gaza conflict is primarily a religious war. That it’s a territorial fight between Arab Muslims and Jews. But if it were only a local war, global powers would have stepped in and snuffed it out long back. That means it is not a simple regional war.

The truth is, the Israel Gaza conflict is a complex proxy war that is at least 150 years old. It is a remote-controlled war between two old global business empires: one comprising the Rothschild family versus another one comprising the Rockefeller family. Let’s closely look at the untold origin of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Palestine will be in the news now for a while, like it happens every two or three years. This time, the Hamas terror group started the bloodshed and reopened the Israel Gaza conflict. TV news and social media are giving you a blow-by-blow account from ground zero as an Israeli counterattack is underway. So-called experts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter are telling you the same superficial things, copy-pasting the same narrative from each other.

It’s the same story with all the major TV news channels. Same, routine narration about the Israel Gaza conflict – no depth, no clarity, no larger picture. Nobody is telling you the truth about why the conflict doesn’t end. To understand why the war is permanent, you have to look beyond the shallow mainstream narrative. You have to throw your torchlight on the hidden origin of the crisis.

What is the standard narrative that you are told about Palestine and the Israel Gaza conflict? Schoolbooks, historians, TV anchors, celebrity reporters, public intellectuals, mainstream activists, and expert vloggers give you a superficial picture. It is said Israel became an independent country in 1948 when British invaders withdrew from the Palestine region.

Balfour and Israel Gaza conflict

We are told the decision to create Israel goes back to 1917. That’s when Arthur Balfour, the British foreign secretary at that time, issued the famous ‘Balfour Declaration’. It called for the creation of Israel. We are told Israel was necessary because Jewish people in Europe were being persecuted. Therefore, they needed a safe haven. Basically, we are told Israel was created because of a British government decision.

And what about Palestine? What’s the official line? We are told that before Israel was created, Arab Muslims lived in that region. When Israel was born, the new government pushed the Palestinian Muslims to two designated zones: Gaza Strip and West Bank. And because the Palestinians feel angry at being marginalised, the two sides are fighting a tug of war.

That’s the mainstream narrative about the origin of the Israel Gaza conflict. Most information sources don’t go deeper than this. And because of this incomplete picture, we are unable to figure out why the fighting doesn’t stop. So, let us slowly peel the layers and find out the actual origin of Israel. The story goes like this, and it is well documented. It involves the rich and famous Rothschild family. The Jewish family is a powerful banking and oil business player originating in Frankfurt, in today’s Germany.

During the second half of the 19th century, the Rothschild family became the biggest player in the huge oil industry in Russia – ruled at that time by the Tzarist regime with support from the Russian Orthodox Church. The Rothschilds were the main supplier of oil to Europe. In addition, they wanted to become the chief oil supplier to the potentially huge market in eastern Asia.

But there was a problem. The shipping journey from Europe to eastern Asia was way too long. To send Russian oil to eastern Asia, the land route was problematic. And the sea route was winding and enormously long. Ships would need to travel all around the African continent before heading east towards Asia. It was not practical for business. The Rothschild family was desperately looking to cut down on the distance.

Israel Gaza conflict and Suez Canal

How to solve the problem? There was one way out – take control of the newly built Suez Canal in Egypt. The Suez Canal was built in 1869. It is a 193km-long waterway connecting the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea. The canal divides Africa and Asia. Most importantly, it is a major shortcut between Europe and Asia. So, the Rothschild family calculated that if they could take control of the Suez Canal, then they could cut down on the transport of Russian oil to eastern Asia by 6,500km.

Ships could move the crude oil directly from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea using the Suez Canal. And from there, to the Arabian Sea and finally towards eastern Asia. Now, in 1874, something interesting happened. The Egyptian government in Cairo went bankrupt. It needed urgent international help. The Rothschild family immediately stepped in and wanted to capitalise on the crisis. But they didn’t want to intervene directly because they didn’t want to undermine diplomatic decorum.

So, they made a backdoor move. The bankrupt Egyptian government was seeking urgent financial support from the international community, to run the country and also to operate expensive projects such as the Suez Canal. So, the Rothschild family gave a hefty loan to the British government to buy shares in the Egypt-based Suez Canal Company, which used to operate the canal.

Essentially, by using its deep pockets and offering to help a desperate Egypt get cash through the British government, the Rothschild family took control of the Suez Canal shipping route. The British government later repaid the money to the oil-and-banking business family. The transactions are well documented.

In the tricky world of geopolitics, securing a business deal is sometimes not enough. You need a physical footprint to secure your business interests in an area where you’ve just stepped in. So, after using the British government to buy control of the Suez Canal, the Rothschild family sought a direct physical presence there. That’s when they took an interest in ‘Palestine’, a region lying to the east of Egypt.

Luckily for the European business family, a situation was developing that perfectly suited their plan. At that time, the common Jewish people living in Russia and eastern Europe were being persecuted by the Tzarist regime. They were escaping Russia and eastern Europe, and migrating to western Europe. But the helpless Jews were not being fully welcomed there. Tensions were rising.

Actual origin of Israel Gaza conflict

The Rothschild family, which is of Jewish origin, saw this crisis and stepped in. Edmond Rothschild, who handled the family’s French affairs, took up a new mission. He decided to get the persecuted Jews moved to a safe place. He selected Palestine. He persuaded the world powers to allow Jews to move to the Palestinian region – and that’s near the Suez Canal.

Once that happened, a Jewish base, Israel, was created right next to Egypt, and the Rothschild family became the sole controller of the Palestinian region. It turned out to be a masterstroke for the European family. The problem of Russian oil shipment to eastern Asia was solved as the Rothschilds firmly controlled the scene using Israel as their West Asian footprint. Many years later, in 1956, Egypt nationalised the Suez Canal. But it is said that the Rothschild family continues to dominate that area due to the presence of Israel.

That’s the actual history of why Israel was created. It was created, of course, to save persecuted Jews. But it was essentially formed mainly for securing shipping business interests in the region. Today, the region is the epicentre of an unending Israel Gaza conflict.

But what about the Palestinians? What about the two pockets: Gaza Strip and the West Bank? The untold reality about the two Palestinian territories is much more complex than what we are told. First of all, we need to understand a basic fact central to this whole Israel Gaza conflict. That is, it is militarily not difficult for Israeli forces to take over Gaza Strip and the West Bank in a short span of time.

Yet, that simple act has never happened, much to the relief of the cornered Palestinian population. Why? Because there are invisible powers protecting Gaza and the West Bank from outside when it comes to taking sides in the Israel Gaza conflict. Without some sort of immensely powerful geopolitical support from outside, it is not possible for Gaza and the West Bank to defy a takeover.

In the context of the Israel Gaza conflict, the Rothschild family alone is not the only outside power in the region. There is a strong presence of another historical western business power. It’s called the Rockefeller family, accompanied by likeminded allies. Once upon a time, the American family owned Standard Oil, which was the world’s biggest oil company from 1870 to 1911.

150-year-old territorial war

For 150 years, world politics has seen a non-stop business and territorial war – between the American Rockefeller family and the European Rothschild family. The Rothschild family mainly controlled banking and oil businesses in Europe. And the Rockefellers mainly controlled the banking and oil industries in North America. For many years, the rival families fought a silent battle to control Europe, Asia, and Africa.

So, in West Asia, the Rothschild family and its allies are known to be in control of the Suez Canal region through Israel. And giving them stiff competition is the Rockefeller family, which, till recently, used to dominate the oil business of the Gulf countries. It is said that the Rockefellers may have been indirectly supporting the Palestinian cause for a long time, thereby lending an uneasy balance to the Israel Gaza conflict.

Basically, they may have been using Palestine as a geopolitical proxy to counter Israel and the Rothschild family in light of the Israel Gaza conflict. Just a few years ago, in 2014, the Rockefellers pulled out completely from the oil business in the Gulf region. It was a historic exit from the oil sector by a family known as America’s first oil giant. But their indirect influence in the geopolitics of the Gulf region is still there. And that is possibly why Gaza and the West Bank have managed to avoid getting taken over.

In fact, it’s not just the Rockefellers and their allies. Business interest groups from different parts of the world have supported various factions of the Palestinians over the past few decades as the Israel Gaza conflict kept flaring up. Some only support the West Bank. And some only support Gaza Strip. Some of them support hardcore Palestinian militancy. And some of them prefer a political solution, not a deadly conflict.

Because of this complex intervention of foreign players, we have an unusual situation – the administrations of Gaza Strip and the West Bank don’t work together. In a crisis like this, the two separate territories should have ideally come together for the common Palestinian cause, isn’t it? Strangely, that’s not the case. They don’t have a united front.

In fact, it’s the other way round. There is an open civil war between the administrations of Gaza and the West Bank – a convoluted battle within the larger Israel Gaza conflict. The West Bank is run by the Fatah political party. Fatah wants justice for the Palestinians, but only through a political process, not through conflict and militancy. In contrast, Gaza Strip has been run by the Hamas terror group since 2007. Hamas is a terrorist outfit that wants no compromise or dialogue with the Israeli government. It only believes in carrying out terrorism and war.

Israel Gaza conflict: A proxy war

We live in a world where many terror organisations are remote-controlled by distant players. Hamas could be a similar case. The mainstream narrative says Hamas is funded by Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah militants in Lebanon. But in reality, it’s possible that much bigger powers from farther away are pulling the strings and piloting Hamas in the Israel Gaza conflict. They could be using Hamas as a tool to destabilise Israel.

At the end of the day, no peace-loving Palestinian or Israeli resident wants to get caught in the crossfire between Hamas and Israel, and between Hamas and Fatah party. For peace-loving people, the Israel Gaza conflict is a liability.

What is even more tragic is that whenever the Israel Gaza conflict flares up, Muslim countries around the Palestinian Territories only issue condemnations and send them food packets. They don’t take action to end the bloodshed. Possibly because they are not allowed to get involved?

After all, we know that the Gulf monarchies are not truly independent rulers. They are tinpot dictators and have bosses to report to – the Big Oil corporations, and decision-makers in Washington, Beijing, London, Paris, and Moscow.

From the history of the Rothschild-Rockefeller tensions, one thing is clear: the Israel Gaza conflict is a complex proxy war, rather than a simple regional conflict. The local fighters are only being used as puppets, with faith and ideology serving as a currency. The invisible strings of the puppets are long and connect all the way back to faraway locations. That’s why the crisis never ends for good. Keep this untold background in mind while you are tracking the daily events on mainstream news platforms.

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