Food, Fraud, Forests, and Bill Gates — A Scorching Vandana Shiva Interview

The false narrative about the food crisis. The uneasy truth about climate action. The corporate swoop for our forests – here’s a Vandana Shiva interview you mustn’t miss.

The Vandana Shiva interview you shouldn’t miss

Nadim Siraj

October 12, 2023: From a fake narrative about the global food crisis, to the misuse of climate action. From the unholy nexus between Bill Gates and the Rockefellers, to the hidden agenda of large corporations. Here’s a short and scathing Vandana Shiva interview that demystifies for you the most urgent issues of our times.

You can call her a food scientist, a farm rights activist, an award-winning environmentalist, a firebrand writer, or most appropriately, one of the biggest food warriors of our times. For decades, Dr Vandana Shiva has been fighting on the battlefront of geopolitics. Get a glimpse of the issues that she fights on in this powerful Vandana Shiva interview.

Ignored by the shallow and misguided mainstream media, Dr Vandana Shiva has won multiple legal wars against giant foreign corporations that are perpetually trying to steal patents over Bharat’s indigenous seeds, herbs, and plants.

Empire Diaries was at the Indian International Centre (IIC) in Dilli recently, where Dr Vandana Shiva’s food rights group, Navdanya, hosted the day-long annual Bhoomi Festival. The yearly festival celebrates our rural women’s initiative to save folk seeds and indigenous farming cultures. We caught up with the veteran activist on the sidelines of the festival for a typically fiery Vandana Shiva interview. Watch the video above to know her thoughts on some raging issues of our time.

Highlights from the thought-provoking Vandana Shiva interview were her myth-busting opinions on the Russia-Ukraine war’s so-called impact on the food crisis, and Bill Gates’ celebrated role in tackling climate change. Watch, listen, and share the interview.

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