Food Waste, Hunger, Obesity, And Profits: Contradictions Explained

Food barons are using the Russia-Ukraine war as a pretext to deepen the global food crisis. This special report connects the dots between food waste, hunger deaths, the obesity crisis, food inflation, and the agribusiness agenda.

Food waste: Shocking facts


September 27, 2023: Food waste has taken gigantic proportions in the last few decades. It is shocking that 40% of the food we produce gets thrown away. Let’s first quickly understand what we mean by food waste or food wastage. Food waste is something that can be practically avoided if correct steps are taken. It is different from food loss, which means food getting wasted due to circumstances that cannot be controlled, such as natural calamities.

Food waste includes leftover food that we throw into the dustbin at home or in restaurants and hotels. It includes crops rotting in the farmland because farmers can’t sell them due to low prices. Food waste also happens during the manufacturing and transportation stage. Food rejected by retailers because they don’t match the desired colour and appearance is also considered wasted.

Food waste vs Hunger: The paradox

Let’s now look at the opposite end of the absurd food crisis. As of now, there are close to 90 crore people in the world who are severely food-insecure – which means they will go to bed extremely hungry tonight. In fact, it is estimated that 310 crore people in the world do not have access to a healthy diet. That is 39% of the entire global population.

Such a high number of under-fed people is absurd in a world where 40% of the food produced is wasted. Expectedly, Africa, Asia, and South America are the three continents – in that order – that are most badly hit by hunger. Africa alone is home to 20% of the world population facing chronic hunger.  

The other big food-related monster we often overlook is obesity. It is predicted that by the year 2025, 42% of the global population will fall in the category of overweight people. And 17% of the people will be considered obese.

That shows how deeply the junk-food industry is controlling the masses, especially the urban population. The US, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are some of the world’s biggest epicentres of the obesity outbreak – thanks to poor lifestyles, binge eating, and junk food. Did you know that obesity kills a total of half a crore people every year?

It’s a dark irony. On one hand, we have thousands of daily hunger deaths. At the same time, we have an obesity outbreak. And along with that, we are seeing record high food wastage. Now, the interesting thing is, since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine started in February last year, the global media has been selling a certain narrative.

Food waste, food crisis, and the war

We are being constantly told that an acute food crisis has broken out due to the invasion. That ending the war will end this crisis. But it is a misleading picture given by the paid media, which follows whatever the western media shows. It is far from the truth. The food crisis – comprising the contradictory phenomena of food waste, hunger, and obesity – was there before the war, it’s raging now, and could possibly intensify.

Watch this video report to know the truth about how the Russia-Ukraine war is being misused to trigger the global food price crisis.

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