‘Cancer Industry Is Waging A War On The People’

Empire Diaries presents a previously unpublished interview with Dr Sthabir Dasgupta, who passed away this month. He was an eminent cancer specialist. More importantly, he was well-known for his fierce criticism of Big Pharma and the healthcare mafia.

Dr Sthabir Dasgupta: Ek (rebel) doctor ki maut


September 13, 2023: Dr Sthabir Dasgupta, an eminent cancer and public health specialist, breathed his last on September 5 this year. He was suffering from lung-related chronic complications.

Dr Sthabir Dasgupta is most well-known across Bharat as a firebrand critic of how Big Pharma functions in the country and abroad. He was widely respected and widely followed critic of the medicine mafia, especially when it came to exorbitant cancer treatment options made available to the public.

Ever since Covid-19 vaccines were rolled out following the coronavirus pandemic, Dr Sthabir Dasgupta had been playing an immensely important role in speaking out against the untested jabs. Through his whistle-blowing revelations and information activism, he contributed in every way possible to make the unsuspecting masses aware of the pharmaceutical industry’s controversial modus operandi.

Healthcare mafia vs. Dr Sthabir Dasgupta

He spoke extensively against corporate overreach high and deep into the healthcare industry. Dr Sthabir Dasgupta inspired many people to come out in the open and speak up against the push for Covid-19 jabs.

As a prominent cancer specialist and cancer industry expert, he has written a number of books, focusing on the escalating corporatisation of cancer medication and the fear of cancer that is often fanned on agenda and purpose. The reputed oncologist also regularly wrote scathing columns on this subject in leading Bangla newspapers.

Dr Sthabir Dasgupta believed that cancer was artificially and wrongfully hyped up as an acquired disease by the cancer industry, so that panic-stricken patients could be gaslighted into spending fortunes on cancer treatment.

Dr Sthabir Dasgupta was a regular guest at programmes hosted by Ratna, Founding Editor of Empire Diaries. This previously unpublished interview with him is presented as a tribute to the critical-thinking healthcare stalwart.

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