Manipur Violence: Are Outsiders Rocking The Boat?

Foreign churches, backed by Western imperialism, could be behind the Manipur violence escalation

Dr. Kallol Guha

Manipur violence: What you’re not told

July 22, 2023: While newspaper headlines and primetime TV news shows are abuzz with the Manipur violence crisis, it is worth turning the clock back to 1944 when Azad Hind Fauj launched the Imphal campaign, an offensive against British invaders to free Bharat. It was carried out under the leadership of Subhas Chandra Bose.

The campaign, originating in the Northeast, showed that the determination and fighting spirit of Indians for their motherland can be kindled given honest, able, and dedicated leadership. The Battle of Imphal remains a significant chapter in Bharat’s struggle for independence from British misrule. This glorious phase of freedom struggle has been ignored and discredited and even killed by silence by the renegade leadership of Bharat’s Congress party, the flunkeys of the Anglo-American West.

What is happening in Manipur today might be a stern demonstration of the power of church networks and NGOs, which are the proxy influence of the Anglo-American West in Bharat. These proxies can turn Bharat upside down if at any time any Indian leadership decides to use the country’s natural and human resources for the benefit of Indians rather than foreign MNCs.

Bharat’s protracted independent stand in geopolitics, its continued participation in BRICS, its increasing oil imports from Russia, its non-Western stand on the Ukraine war are some of the political positionings that are not compatible with the interest of the Collective West.

Foreign hand behind Manipur violence

The Manipur violence might be a demonstration that similar dislocation might be instigated simultaneously in multiple states, if Bharat continues to pursue political and economic lines not compatible with the interest of the collective West.

Let’s turn to the inner workings of the Manipur violence to understand the role of churches in this ongoing social dislocation. The West’s utilisation of churches to promote Christianity in Manipur can be understood within the context of colonialism, cultural assimilation, and the spread of European ideologies. Manipur was a region that experienced significant contact with European powers during the colonial era.

Corporate sectors of Bharat, under the control of Anglophonic Indians, are known to have moved more than at least a trillion dollars annually to Western banks through money laundering. The draining of Bharat’s resources is never disclosed. The maintenance of such astronomical drainage from poor countries of South Asia, Africa, and Latin America to the banks of the collective West is the main preoccupation of Western countries around this relationship. 

Manipur’s population: The dynamics

In the context of the Manipur violence, let’s revisit the demographics of the Northeastern state. Manipur has a population of about four million. The dominant Meitei ethnic group comprises 53% of that population. They traditionally follow Hinduism as their religion; they are Vaishnavites. The Meitei people reside mainly in the centrally located valley that makes up about 10% of Manipur’s landmass.

This valley is surrounded by hills inhabited by other ethnic groups. Of that, about 30% are members of the Kuki community, who may have derived from multiple other subtribes and subscribed to indigenous religion. In more recent times, they are aggressively converting to Christianity. The Naga people comprise another ethnic group that makes up 24% of Manipur’s population.

Each of these groups has subdivisions as well. Over the last 100 years, both Kukis and Nagas have been aggressively converting to Christianity, with the percentage of Christians among them going up from 5% about a century ago to around 90% right now. It was made possible by the initiative of multiple Anglo-American churches with the active support of Bharat’s Congress-led government.

Needless to say, such conversion is most definitely not to help the converts to reach a state of cosmic consciousness or communion with the supernatural. They were enticed with material incentives for conversion into Christianity right under the nose of the Congress-led government.

Role of churches in Manipur violence

To get to the bottom of the Manipur violence, it is worth understand that Christian churches are tools of the imperial powers. Their main agenda is to convert local population into Christianity with the explicit purpose of delinking them from their original culture and identity, and thus, create a power base for Western imperialists. This is the strategy that Western imperialists tried to employ between late 19th and early 20th century, during the Opium Wars, and during the Boxer’s Rebellion in China – until Mao Zedong came to power and cleaned China of the imperialist pollution, creating the base for China’s rise.

Christianity, as an integral part of Western culture, became one of the tools employed to further the colonial agenda. Churches were established as institutions that not only provided religious services, but also served as centres for Western education, healthcare, and social transformation.

The colonial powers viewed the spread of Christianity to “civilise” indigenous populations and erode their cultural identities, thereby making them more amenable to Western control.

Conversion to Christianity was often associated with the adoption of Western values, practices, and education systems, effectively undermining traditional beliefs and social structures. Most of the civil wars all around Africa, Asia, and South America are linked to the diabolical plots of conversion by Anglo-American churches.

Bharat vs. India

Today, our country is split into two distinct worlds: ‘India’ and ‘Bharat’. It has been repeatedly pointed out that the Anglophonic population of this country comprises only 5% of the total. And they are the ones who are responsible for the comical imitation of the Anglo-American West. This tiny minority, ‘India’, is ruling ‘Bharat’, which comprises 95% of the population.

The point is, ‘India’ looks after the economic interest of the West as it did before the ‘transfer of power’ – an event that is widely publicised as ‘Independence’. Today, the role of Bharat is to pay 30-35 various taxes, vote once in five years to elect representatives in public offices, work in the lowest ranks of the army and the police forces, and undertake menial tasks.

Indians should remember that the British Empire was made from the resources of Bharat’s human and natural resources. Britain’s victories in the two World Wars were made possible by the human and natural resources of Bharat. The current power and influence of the collective West is to a large extent made possible through the precious resources of Bharat. The same applies to all other nations of the Indian subcontinent. 

Will a leadership ever emerge that will make sure that not ‘India’ but Bharat rules this country, and utilises its human capital and natural resources for the benefit of the masses rather than the benefit of foreign MNCs? Will the country come out of the influence of the Anglo-American West, also called the Global North? Instances such as the Manipur violence push us to ask these questions.

Remember that the church network wields enormous power in Bharat, as we discovered the hard way in the context of the Manipur violence. How many people are aware that after the central government, it is the church network that owns most of the country’s non-agricultural landmass?

West recolonising Bharat

Sadly, Bharat is drifting politically closer and closer towards the Anglo-American West, which is ruled by the military-industrial complex. This alliance is heading inevitably towards the same fate as that of Ukraine. The West’s agenda? To fight a proxy war with China using Indians as pawns – much to the detriment and peril of the unsuspecting population.

To those who are reading this, refuse to be fooled by corporate media narratives who are paid agents of Western forces. Learn unbiased facts from genuinely non-politicised independent media. Resist the coming US-China proxy war – in which the West is trying to entrap Bharat – at all costs.

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