WATCH: Cameroon’s Covid Miracle Report That YouTube Censored

Watch this eye-opening report on Dr. Acha VN, a government-registered Cameroonian scientist and natural medicine expert. During the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, he successfully treated thousands of Covid-19 patients in Cameroon using non-industrial medication for flu that he created from herbs naturally available in his country.

During the peak of the pandemic, countries across continents were struggling to contain the outbreak. While Big Pharma was busy offering experimental industrial medicines, treatments, and vaccines, this African doctor and many others like him, including in India, gave simple and indigenous solutions.

Their stories have gone unnoticed because Big Pharma companies and your favourite Big Tech platforms don’t want you to know. Watch and share this version of the Cameroonian doctor’s story that YouTube has censored.

Dr. Acha can be contacted by phone on +237680977978.

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