A-To-Z Of The Pandemic: Ultimate List For All Critical Thinkers

Trends, catchphrases, and themes that defined the coronavirus era
Social distancing or Apartheid 2.0?

Nadim Siraj

October 10, 2022: Various trends, terms, and catchphrases during the coronavirus pandemic have become timeless cults. Here’s a look at the A to Z of glossary of terms. Those who question the pandemic’s narrative and measures will perhaps connect with the following list the most:

A – Asymptomatic
(Comical attempt to label absolutely fit people as sick)

B – Booster
(It targeted those who survived the first two shots!)

B – Bats
(The animal became a rock-star on being blamed for spreading the virus)

C – Cases
(First time in the history of epidemics, infections became more important than deaths)

C – Covid-19
(Unique-sounding name for the new flu serving as a marketing gimmick)

D – Doctors
(They were supposed to see through the narrative. Instead, a majority of them fell for it) 

D – Djokovic
(Novak won the biggest Grand Slam of his life by turning his back on jab mandates)

E – Experiment
(The jab was the single biggest test on the entire human race, ever)

E – Eric Clapton
(His protest song This Has Gotta Stop against the jab and pandemic measures became a timeless classic)

F – Fauci
(A glorified US quack and award-winning vaccine marketer)

F – Fear
(A tool that authorities used to make the public obey lockdowns and mandates)

G – Gates
(Mr. Gates was as active as an LIC agent, trying to sell vaccines anywhere, everywhere)

H – Herd immunity
(People knew about this phenomenon but still took the jab, obeying like a true herd!)

I – Ivermectin
(The medicine that threatened to end the disease but was killed by the WHO)

J – Johns Hopkins University
(This American hub enjoyed publishing hyped up cases and deaths)

K – Kids
(Worst victims of the pandemic. Schools were shut, parks were closed, and education went online)

L – Lockdown
(Biggest ever assault on small businesses and jobs since the end of World War II)

L – Lab leak theory
(Everybody enjoyed Trump’s sensational theory that the virus leaked from a Wuhan lab)

M – Masks
(Hottest fashionwear during the pandemic. But no, they don’t filter out viruses. They can’t)

M – Mandates
(The rights violation that no-one called a rights violation)

N – News
(The popular press manufactured consent, to quote Noam Chomsky, and hoodwinked the whole world)

O – Oxford
(This over-respected institution’s contribution to humankind – an untested vaccine)

O – Omicron
(The most celebrated variant of a virus, ever)

P – Pandemic
(We saw multiple pandemics. Pandemic of fear. Pandemic of mandates. Pandemic of lockdowns. Pandemic of lies. And a pandemic of idiocy)

P – Positive
(Testing ‘positive’ for Covid-19 became a powerful status symbol)

Q – Quarantine
(Fit people were briefly ‘jailed’ just because they coughed, sneezed, and travelled)

(The dubious testing system that found almost everything under the sun as ‘positive’!)

S – Social distancing
(It can also be called Apartheid 2.0)

S – Sanitizer
(Humankind’s best friend during the peak of the fearmongering)

S – Spike protein
(TV news helped almost everybody sound like they had a PhD in spike proteins)

T – ‘Test, test, test’
(WHO chief Tedros’ notorious words, aimed at spiking positive cases and generate fear)

U – Unjabbed
(Human beings with spine and a sense of dignity)

V – Vaccine
(The reason why we had the pandemic, it now seems!)

V – Ventilators
(The gadget that helped hospitals mint money)

W – Wuhan
(The Chinese city that’ll struggle to become a tourist destination in the centuries to come)

(A welcome takeaway from lockdowns. But uncool employers jacked up work hours to exploit it)

(The front office of the Big Pharma mafia)

X – Xenophobia
(It’s the biggest contribution of lockdowns and social distancing)

Y – YouTube
(Big Tech censorship of critical thinking YT channels exposed the fraud of freedom of speech)

Z – Zoo
(During lockdowns, the world became a human zoo! We were locked in cages, while the animals outside curiously looked at us as exhibits)

Z – Zoom
(The meeting app ended physical meetings, and with that, lavish office tours!)

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