Doctors Declare Global Medical Crisis Due to Deaths, Injuries From Covid Jabs

70,000+ vaccine-related deaths and 11 million vaccine-induced injuries have been officially reported so far

September 10, 2022: Leading doctors and medical practitioners from around the world rolled out a major manifesto on Saturday declaring an international medical crisis resulting from a rising number of deaths and injuries caused by untested coronavirus vaccines.

The doctors cited official data from popular sources, disclosing that the world has seen a whopping 70,000+ vaccine-related deaths and over 11 million vaccine-induced injuries so far, since the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccines began during the winter of 2020-2021.

“Examining the reports on the US CDC’s VAERS, the UK’s Yellow Card System, the Australian Adverse Event Monitoring System, Europe’s EudraVigilance System and the WHO’s VigiAccess Database, to date there have been more than 11 million reports of adverse effects and more than 70,000 plus deaths co-related to the inoculation of the products known as ‘covid vaccines’,” the doctors wrote in the manifesto to explain why they feel it’s an urgent international crisis.

Chillingly, they pointed out that the official numbers are only the tip of the iceberg, and they could actually be exponentially higher. “We know that these numbers just about represent between 1% and 10% of all real events [of vaccine-related deaths and injuries],” they wrote in the declaration.

Highlighting an unprecedented spike in sudden deaths among healthy people as well as an unexplained rise in miscarriages, the team of doctors said, “the large number of sudden deaths in previously healthy young people who were inoculated with these ‘vaccines’, is particularly worrying, as is the high incidence of miscarriages and perinatal deaths which have not been investigated.”

The declaration was made at an event attended and addressed by several top doctors from across India, including Dr Veena Raghava, Dr Amitav Banerjee, Dr Arvind Kushwaha, Dr Lalit Anande, Dr Goutam Das, and many others.

The manifesto roll-out was also attended by Nilesh Ojha, the firebrand advocate leading the fight in the courts against the shady coronavirus narrative and the pharma-driven experimental vaccination push.

The signatories to the manifesto wrote, “We find ourselves in an unprecedented international medical crisis in the history of medicine due to the large number of diseases and deaths associated with the ‘vaccines against Covid-19’. We demand that the regulatory agencies that oversee drug safety as well as the health institutions in all countries, together with the international institutions such as the WHO, PHO, EMA, FDA, UK-MHRA and NIH, respond to this declaration and act in accordance with the eight measures demanded in this manifesto.”

The manifesto originated with the initiative from the Spain-based wing of Doctors For Truth, an alliance that has been questioning the coronavirus narrative from early 2020.

Crucially, Saturday’s important event in the larger interest of the public was largely ignored by mainstream media outlets, which continue to peddle the WHO-fanned questionable Covid-19 narrative.

(Home page image credit: Ivan Radic/ Flickr)

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