Vaccine Injury Claims In US Are Ballooning In Numbers

Over 8,000 complaints have been filed in connection with the Covid-19 vaccine

August 1, 2022: Federal compensation programs for injuries related to vaccines in the US have been overwhelmed by the number of claims. Thousands of jab-injured patients are waiting before their cases are decided. The claims span polio and coronavirus injuries.

Covid-19 vaccine injuries range from a sore shoulder to deaths. Over 8,000 complaints were filed about the Covid-19 vaccine since its roll-out. Almost 5,000 of them are directly related to the coronavirus vaccine, and almost 3,000 are related to other things such as drug or device failures.

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The US government is delaying payments to people who claim they were wounded by the vaccine. Officials say they want more information about how many people got sick after getting the shot.

“Compensation determinations are made based on individual case reviews, and the statute sets a very high standard that a claimant must meet to be eligible for compensation,” HRSA spokesperson David Bowman told Politico.

The vaccine injury compensation program is already overburdened. There are many people who believe that vaccines cause harm. This program is set up to help those who claim that vaccines caused them harm.

The US Congress created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to avoid lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers and healthcare providers. This program was established to compensate people who were injured by vaccinations.

“We think it’s very important to make sure the program is robust and patients’ claims get filed and heard in a timely fashion, and part of that is about adequate staffing and resources in the US government,” Phyllis Arthur, vice-president for infectious diseases and diagnostics policy at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, told Politico.

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