As A Doctor, It’s Disturbing To See The Post-Vaccination Trends


Dr. Firuzi Mehta

July 22, 2022: Any kind of mandatory vaccination is wrong in any situation, no matter how bad the infection is or how bad an epidemic is. You cannot mandate a vaccine like it was done with Covid-19 if you don’t know how the body is going to react to that so-called medication or treatment.

Everyone’s body reacts in a different way. Everybody’s risk factors are different, depending on their health status. And different age groups have different risk statuses. For example, people with comorbid conditions will have a different risk status than others.

We did have an infection we didn’t know much about. Everybody thought it was a very dangerous and deadly virus. And that’s why everybody rushed to create a vaccine.

But you cannot create a good vaccine in a few months’ time. It takes a very long time to make one. There’s a lot that goes into it. And all our previous vaccines have probably been tested for 7 to 11 years before being brought out. Still, they can have problems.

A vaccine that comes out in a few months’ time may have long-term effects. There are three issues: short-term effects, medium-term effects, and long-term effects. The vaccine makers seem to have focused on the short-term effects and thought it was alright to go ahead with it.

They did a trial for the vaccine for a few months, and their focus was on whether antibodies were being produced. Antibodies may have been produced. But that’s not the whole and soul thing of a vaccine.


What about safety? It has been completely ignored. Nobody thought about the medium-term and long-term impact of the vaccine on the body. What is this vaccine going to do to your body after a few years, or say after six to nine months?

Nobody knew and it was not tested for that long. If at all they brought it out, it should have been made very clear to the public that they have come out with a Covid vaccine, but it has been tested for only a short period of time; we don’t know its medium and long-term effects. Therefore, it is your choice if you want to take it.

There is no guarantee the vaccine will even protect you against the disease. They said that antibodies were being produced. But nobody knew how long they lasted, whether it would help against variants. What they did was they asserted that the vaccine was safe.

You inject something foreign into your body. And it’s not just a vaccine, the germ material, the spike protein, or whatever is going in, it’s also the adjuvants that go into the making of the vaccine. They are needed to make the vaccine more stable, so it will have a longer shelf-life and it will have greater immunogenicity, that is, generate a strong enough immune response, which would be unlikely without those additional chemical adjuvants. All these things contribute to the damage from the vaccine.

In the initial months of the vaccination drive, as a practising homeopath, I saw that elderly people were not getting as many side effects as the younger age group. The younger age group was getting heart attacks two to four months after the shot. Some were even getting it just a few weeks or a month after the shot.

The older age group that I saw was relatively alright, especially the 80-85 age group. Nothing seems to have happened to them. They didn’t get any reactions. But what we are seeing now is that even older people who I know were vaccinated are getting sudden heart attacks, heart failure, and arrhythmia.


According to my latest observations, what is happening is that the more fit, healthy and young you are, your immune system is more active, so the reactions to the vaccine are much faster. Young people are reacting faster to the vaccine. We have been seeing children dying. The ones who died in the 12-18 age group died very soon after the vaccination. There are heart attacks among the children in that 12-18 age group. The reactions were faster than they were with 20-40 year olds.

I haven’t seen such trends before, at least not in these numbers. Isolated incidents of young people, in the 40s or 50s, once every few years we used to hear, that somebody died due to pre-existing heart conditions. But now the numbers are too high.

We are not seeing this in unvaccinated people. We are seeing all this in vaccinated people, this trend of heart attacks and strokes among young people. Earlier, we used to consider that strokes belong to the over 70 age group, more or less. Young people are getting strokes now. This is unusual.

In my practice, what I am seeing is that the overall health of those who took the shot is suffering. Whatever conditions I was treating them for, earlier which were stable for years, that’s not the case now.

Take diverticulitis. It’s a condition that often sends people to the hospital. I am a homeopath by profession. With homeopathy, there were patients we managed to stabilise and keep out of hospital for years at a stretch. We would tackle their acute episodes, and they would not land up in hospital. But two of my patients, a few months after the vaccination, are getting frequent episodes of diverticulitis, which landed them in hospital. Definitely, the pre-existing conditions are worsening.


New conditions are coming up, like people who never had vertigo before. Lots of cases of vertigo I am seeing in my practice. The age group of vertigo cases is 40-60. A lot of women in their 30s and 40s are having period issues, delayed periods, missed periods, early periods, very heavy periods, and so on. With some of them, periods are going on for 2-3 weeks at a time, and they are nowhere near menopause.

Arthritis is another issue that is coming up. I am seeing newly developing arthritis. Doctors are labelling it inflammatory arthritis. We have seen that the vaccines are triggering inflammation. People have their own predispositions genetically or ones that come down the family line. All these predispositions are getting activated by the vaccine.

People who never had these issues before are now getting strong arthritis affecting multiple joints. It’s like rheumatoid arthritis, and yet rheumatoid arthritis tests are negative, like I have seen in some patients. Some patients are testing negative but are suffering strongly from this arthritis.

No one realises this. When I ask my patients about when they took the vaccine, only then they realise that the issues happened days or weeks after the shot. But otherwise, a lot of people are not connecting the issues to the shot.


The problem is that people are not talking about it in their friend circles and family circles. They are talking about it only with the doctors. Many people are telling me that they are not talking about vaccine-induced issues with friends for fear of being ridiculed. There is a shame factor at play. I don’t see why they should feel ashamed of talking about it. It’s not their fault.

Among other health issues flaring up, there’s Parkinson’s and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. I know of a person who was suddenly diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob and died soon after that, within three months. Neurological diseases are developing and progressing very fast.

A lot of people didn’t want to take the Covid vaccine, but took it because of pressure from their job. A lot of teachers took it because schools mandated teachers and all the staff to get vaccinated. In my daughter’s school, I heard that a lot of teachers are facing health issues of different kinds after the shot.

A lot of people went ahead with the shot because they didn’t think it would be bad. People trusted the government. They trusted the doctors. Many doctors are also to blame for this because a lot of them told their patients to take the vaccine. Patients who had comorbidities were told to take it.

I have a patient who came down from Singapore. Over there, he was given an exemption by a doctor because he had a family history of heart issues. That was not seen in our country. Even heart patients were told to go and take it, which was wrong.


These trends are disturbing for me as a doctor because we don’t know what is ahead. I think we have seen only the tip of the iceberg. It may be possible that the neurological diseases will increase over a longer period of time. Right now, we are seeing this huge increase in heart attacks and strokes. Basically, issues with the circulatory system – clots, bleeding, and so on. But the neurological impact is just about beginning and that could increase over time.

Also, nobody knows the vaccine’s impact on fertility. All these youngsters who have had the shot, and all these children who have had it – we don’t know what will happen to their fertility over the next 10-15 years.

Pressuring people to take the shot was a complete disaster. I think it’s criminal, there is no other word for it. As a doctor, I feel this vaccine is causing some kind of overall immune damage.

Everybody is now catching Covid even after the shot. The vaccine has not protected anybody from getting Covid. I have noticed that vaccinated people are taking much longer to recover from the disease compared to unvaccinated people. Unvaccinated people are recovering in 2-4 days’ time with no lingering effects. There’s no cough, their full energy is back, and everything is back to normal.

But with the vaccinated ones, coughs are going on for 15 days, and the energy levels are down for months. Many vaccinated people have told me that they seem to have aged by several years after the shot. They say their stamina is not that good anymore. Overall, their health has taken a beating. It is of grave concern.

The weakness issue we are hearing about is happening to people generally. People are saying they are more tired now, they cannot do as much activity as they used to do earlier. The government will explain it by saying that because of the lockdown, people have had a sedentary lifestyle, and that’s why it’s happening. But being a doctor I know that’s not the case.


Vaccinating children is going to be the biggest disaster because we really don’t know how it is going to impact them in the long run. Let alone the increase in heart attacks and deaths from heart attacks – that’s tremendous. In my family and friends circle, I know of 16-17 people who died from heart attacks. They died out of the blue. They were relatively young. It’s a tragedy.

The mainstream media has to be blamed for this because they have been giving the public a one-sided narrative. But the public will also have to realise that what they’re seeing is a one-sided picture. That things are being hidden and suppressed.

(Dr. Firuzi Mehta is a reputed homeopath who practises at her clinics in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is among few established medical practitioners in India who have been educating the public on the problems associated with the hasty Covid-19 vaccination drive.)

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1 year ago

Very useful information and very sad, thank you, but not surprising. Vaccines have always caused problems and never been of any use, it merely appeared they were. That is the advertising by big pharma for you.

The whole thing has been a giant experiment to expose once and for all the gigantic fraud of big pharma.

Ginger Johnson
1 year ago

Thanks for writing about this! There is so little information available about the ongoing effects of the vaccine, and this information is desperately needed

Empire Diaries
Reply to  Ginger Johnson
1 year ago

Thank you for reading this! Hoping to bring you more such perspectives that the paid media won’t tell you.

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