‘Agnipath Is Anti-Military, Anti-Farmer,’ Says Farmers’ Union, Calls Nationwide Protest on June 24

SKM sees the new military recruitment scheme as a revenge on India's farming families

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The SKM (Samyukta Kisan Morcha), a farmers’ union that successfully fought against the farm laws recently, will submit a protest statement to the Indian president, airing its firm opposition to Agnipath. It has called the new military recruitment scheme a ploy to take revenge against the country’s peasantry for forcing the government to scrap farm deregulation laws.

The SKM has called a nationwide protest against Agnipath on June 24. It has also appealed to India’s youngsters, various organisations, and political parties to join the protest.

Appealing to keep the protests peaceful, the SKM termed the scheme as “anti-military, anti-farmer and anti-national”.

“When the central government is bent upon destroying the spirit of the slogan Jai Jawan Jai Kisan, it is the duty of the farmers’ movement to stand shoulder to shoulder with the jawans in this struggle,” the SKM said in a statement.

“The jawan of this country is a uniformed farmer. Most of the soldiers are from farmer families. Army job is tied to the honour and economic strength of lakhs of farmer families,” said SKM coordination committee member, Darshan Pal.

“It is not a coincidence that in this scheme, recruiting under the rule of All India All Class will result in the biggest reduction in recruitment from the very areas where the farmer’s movement was more active,” the SKM said in its statement. “This government, stunned by its defeat at the hands of the farmers’ movement, has another ploy to take revenge on the farmers.”

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