How Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook Earned Billions From War On Terror

A report from the Action Centre on Race and the Economy exposes the big loot by Big Tech

War results in immense loss and unbearable scar for people, but somebody always silently profits from such conflict, and does it in a big way.

In a recent report released by the Action Centre on Race and the Economy, it was revealed that Big Tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter were providing tools to the US military and government to help fuel their war on Muslim communities.

From databases to drones, US Big Tech is complicit in and has profited from America‘s never-ending war against Muslims at home and abroad.

The ‘Big Tech Sells War’ report documented an explosion of government contracts with Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter since 2004.

It said Microsoft had benefited from a leap in defence deals during the Trump administration. “From 2004 to today, Big Tech corporations have seen a huge climb in federal demand for their services, particularly from the Pentagon and Department of Homeland Security,” it said.

Four of the five top-spending agencies on Big Tech contracts were “central to foreign policy or were established as a direct result of the Global War on Terror”, it said.

“Amazon and Microsoft in particular pulled ahead in recent years, with Amazon signing nearly five times and Microsoft signing eight times as many federal contracts and subcontracts in 2019 compared to 2015,” the report said.


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1 year ago

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