A War That Can Be Seen From Satellites

IN PICTURES Chilling images of the raging Israel-Palestine war taken from a satellite


Ever thought in the past that a war could be seen from satellites orbiting the Earth?

That’s exactly how the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas is being covered. It’s not just TV news channels and social media platforms that are beaming the war to our living rooms.

Satellites hovering above us are zooming into the conflict zones and clicking hi-resolution images on their advanced cameras. One of them is US-based Maxar, a space technology company, which has shared with the world the following images from above.

A burning oil tank in the Israeli city of Ashkelon. The dark patch is the smoke billowing from the site that was bombarded by Hamas from the Gaza Strip
An attack site in the Gaza Strip following an Israeli air raid
An oil tank in Israel’s Ashkelon burns after a Hamas rocket attack
Black smoke covers the coastline of southern Israel
A building that was decimated in Gaza City following an Israeli airstrike

Image courtesy: Maxar, Twitter.


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