‘Death Of Democracy,’ Says Farmer Leader Rakesh Tikait After Attack On Convoy

Incident happened in the midst of a Mahapanchayat trail in Alwar

By Ratna

New Delhi, April 2, 2021: Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait’s convoy was attacked reportedly by goons in Alwar district, Rajasthan on Friday. 

It marked the first time since the farmers’ protest began on the borders of the national capital in November that a farmer leader was targeted in an attack.

Tikait was travelling to various villages of Alwar for a Mahapanchayat. Farmer leaders have been holding Mahapanchayats in villages and towns across India as a part of a protest movement against three contentious farm laws passed by the Indian Parliament last year. 

“This is done by the goons of BJP”, claimed the farmer leader after the incident. He later took to Twitter, saying, “This picture shows the death of democracy.” Later he deleted his tweet.

Later Tikait threatned BJP and said, “Will not let BJP MPs and MLAs walk on the streets in Uttar Pradesh if this continues.” You can see his tweet here.

Tikait’s car was pelted with stones, damaging the rear windscreen. The farmer leader, after wrapping up a summit in Hasuli village, was on his way to Bansur when the vehicle he was in was targeted. The attack was carried out at Tatalpur intersection in Alwar.

“The incident happened near Bhiwandi bazar (marketplace),” Tikait recalled. “About 30-40 people surrounded us. They stopped our car and struck it with sticks, and scuffled with our people. They tried to stop us, but we continued our journey. Also, some people sat in dharna in protest, by then police reached the spot.”

Bhiwandi police have taken four people into custody.

“We will not be distracted by this kind of conspiracy. Our movement will continue,” Tikait later said.

Angered by the attack, farmers blocked the Delhi-Meerut expressway and shouted slogans.

Farmers block the road on Meerut expressway near Ghazipur border (Photo: Empire Diaries)

 Later the road was cleared by the police.

Friday afternoon, the Delhi-Meerut expressway near Ghazipur border (Photo: Empire Diaries)



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