The Haunting Concert Of Concertina Wire

This is not a warzone from the days of World War I, when the ugly, divisive structure called barbed wire, also known as concertina wire, was born. This is the Ghazipur protest site on the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border where unarmed farmers are camping to protest over deregulation of India’s agriculture. The sight of concertina wire is a reminder of the gulf between empire and its subjects.

Awbuck Qandoe brings us these images from Ghazipur.

No light at the end of the tunnel
The sun sets on Ghazipur, and perhaps on a few of our freedoms, too
Wheeled barricades and barbed wire atop the multi-lane highway
Residents of this housing society literally have balcony tickets to the standoff between the state and the protesters
One of the multi-layered barricades at Ghazipur. This one resembles an international border
Ask anybody where’s this sight from, and you would perhaps hear ‘Kashmir?’ more than ‘Ghazipur?’
Razor blades on the concertina wire. Some borders can be this merciless
It’s as if the vultures have conspired to set up a haunting backdrop as the sun sets behind barbed wire in Ghazipur
Is this what it’s all set up for?
Barricades have wheels, too – but can they stop the wheels of revolution?
A giant water tank trapped in concertina wire! Is the image a mere coincidence or symbolic of the water supply politics that have shaped and reshaped the farmers’ revolution?

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