The Many Faces Of A Revolution

IN PICTURES When the dust settles, these faces will remain as the farmer protest's lasting legacy

Dreams of revolution in their eyes. Deep determination in the creases on their foreheads. Grit in their clenched fists. Desperate prayers on their stiff lips. The faces of the protesters taking on the system over the farm laws in India have become the faces of this revolution. Whatever turn the farmers’ protest takes, when the dust settles, it is these faces that will remain as a lasting legacy. Ratna brings us these images from the protest sites at Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur.

The colour revolution

Here with a cause

There is a story in the creases

There is no looking back

Swearing by the flag

Long road ahead

Fist of fury

Cog in the wheel

Long live the revolution

He won’t go back empty-handed

Old, wise and boiling

The wind will carry us


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