Farmers Fighting For A Brighter Tomorrow

Snapshots from Singhu border that has become the heartbeat of the snowballing farmers' protest in India

The Delhi-Haryana border at Singhu has been the focal point of the protest movement that has jolted the state. Tens of thousands of protesting farmers – livid and determined – have been camping at the national capital’s border, seeking nothing less than a reversal by the government over the controversial farm laws.

The protesters moved into to the site with tractors, buses, trailers and all sorts of paraphernalia. The message is loud and clear: we are ready to camp out here for an eternity. Empire Diaries puts together some snapshots of the activities on the sidelines of the movement at Singhu.

A pep talk from the top of a bus that brought protesters to the Singhu border
Messages that you can’t miss
There’s no turning back
Back home, he grows crops. Here, he’s doling out fruits to the protesters
Here for a cause
‘It’s all about our rights’
Time to refill after a hard day out
Eyes gleaming with dreams of a better world
At the end of the day, it’s all about food
He hasn’t come all the way to give up
Where they’ll spend the night dreaming of a tomorrow that’ll belong to them


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