Moods And Moments From Farmers’ Protest

Freeze frames from a venue in Delhi that has become a bone of contention in the snowballing farmers' protest rocking India

As farmers swooped into Delhi to protest against the historic and controversial farm bills, the state has designated the Nirankari Samagam Ground in Burari, an outlying field in Delhi, as a hub where it wants all the onrushing demonstrators to camp. The state’s message to the angry farmers: protest only where we want you to protest.

But a vast majority of the non-violent farmers refused to get tethered into a corner from where they may not be able to make their presence felt. Only a smaller bunch decided to camp out there, waiting to join up with the larger protest groups and then together apply pressure on the national capital’s nerve centre.

Ratna puts together this mosaic of frames from the Burari ground, capturing the moods and moments of what is fast turning into the defining revolution of our times.

In the middle of a heated discussion
Who’s in, who’s out?
Makeshift arrangements being made by the state at the Burari ground to coax more and more farmers to camp there – a deal that most of the farmers are not keen on
A temporary shed being set up at Burari for the protesters to be camped. But most of them aren’t keen on making the venue their base
Work in progress at Burari, and so is the revolution raging across northern India
A makeshift shed at the Burari ground aimed at wooing the larger majority of the demonstrators to camp there. The move hasn’t worked so far
We will win our rights back
Faces of resistance
Revolution in his dreamy eyes
Focus is on networking, the much-needed foundation of modern-day movements
The revolution’s driving force
No generation gap here – the revolution is for all


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