Life And Times Of Farmers’ Protest In Delhi

Snapshots from Burari, where farmers from various corners of India are camped to make their protests heard

The more the state has tried to turn the national capital into a fortress, the more onrushing demonstrators have dug deep and made their voices heard. Welcome to the Nirankari Samagam ground in Burari, Delhi, in this photo spread. It is one of the hubs where our farmers have braved the chilly North Indian winter and camped for days – and they won’t budge until the powers-that-be hear them out in their fight against the controversial farm bills. brings us these snapshots.

Assembling at the afternoon ‘langar’ at the Burari ground in Delhi
Hands that feed
Nothing like a steaming hot roti
Chit-chat over food
Who’s next?
Food for thought
He has his hands full
Need of the hour… tea
Women power
Preparation for dinner
Dinner talk
After a long day
The night is not far


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