Vasco Da Gama City In Goa: Heritage Or Humiliation?

Why is a part of Goa officially called Vasco da Gama City? Why are we still celebrating the Portuguese pirate and mass murderer?

Vasco Da Gama City In Goa: Heritage Or Humiliation?

Nadim Siraj

Unveiling the dark truth behind Vasco da Gama City in Goa!

⚓History remembers him as a pioneering explorer, but Vasco da Gama’s legacy in India is far more brutal. This video dives deep into his crimes against humanity, including the horrific “pilgrim ship incident.” We explore the cruelty of the Portuguese colonization of Goa, particularly the forced conversions and torture of the Inquisition.

❓❓ But here’s the shocking question: Why does a city in Goa, a place that suffered immensely under Portuguese rule, still bear Vasco da Gama’s name?

✅ Join us as we unpack the history of colonialism in India and ask if it’s time for India to shed its colonial hangover and rename Vasco da Gama city.

✴ This Video Explores:

✅ Vasco da Gama’s Dark History in India

✅ The Horrors of the Goa Inquisition

✅ The Lasting Impact of Colonialism on India

✅ Should Vasco da Gama city be Renamed?

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