Anthony Fauci. Faucism. Fascism. Got The Drift?

Anthony Fauci retired long back. But his brand of medical dictatorship continues.

Anthony Fauci has left; Faucism continues

Dr. Amitav Banerjee

October 4, 2023: A couple of years before the Covid-19 pandemic began, an interesting study with the intriguing title “The Physician as Dictator” was published in the medical journal, The Lancet. The paper starts with the mention of atrocities committed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a former ophthalmologist labelled by the western media as a doctor-turned-dictator. The medical fraternity was horrified by the war crimes committed by a member of the profession.

After the West’s plot to dethrone Assad and capture Syria failed, the western media directed the spotlight on the Syrian leader’s dark legacy, exposing his crimes. Syrian detainees were tortured and killed. Hospital refrigerators were found full of unidentified decomposed corpses.

Investigators found 55,000 photos of bodies, some with eyes gouged out. Enough evidence has accumulated for Assad’s prosecution by national judicial authorities and an international court on the lines of the Nuremberg trials.  

Curious case of Syria’s Assad

In spite of this, the doctor-turned-dictator seems to have to have gotten away for the time being, after some hectic reconciliation with world leaders. China, Russia, and the two-faced US thwarted attempts to allow the International Criminal Court, which has jurisdiction over crimes against humanity, to investigate the atrocities committed in Syria since the outbreak of Civil War in 2011.

The authors of the Lancet study, after introducing this doctor-dictator, go on to analyse historical data to establish whether physicians have autocratic traits when they assume leadership. They analysed data over the past 71 years (1945-2015) from 176 countries and identified the leader of each country.

They identified the professions of 1,254 leaders before assuming office. The professional background was as follows: 32 (2.6%) were doctors, and an additional 15 (1.2%) were from allied professions, such as nursing, veterinary, and dental. Another 64 (5.1%) had scientific background, such as natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering.

The authors next tried to appraise the democracy vs autocracy levels for each leader’s regime using a score of -10 to +10. The former indicated full autocracy and latter full democracy, that is, lower the score, higher the autocracy.

Surprisingly, physicians had significantly lower mean scores than non-doctors. The results are disturbing. According to this study, physicians are more autocratic world leaders than non-physicians. Perhaps the trope of “doctor as god” might programme physicians’ temperament towards authoritarianism, the authors suggest, and call for introspection.

They recommend that doctors practise a participatory approach, promoting shared decision-making with their patients. Such measures would check doctors’ dictatorial instincts to enable them to fulfil the physician’s commitment to patient autonomy and human dignity, the authors conclude.

Conan Doyle’s chilling words

Crime fiction writer of yesteryears, Arthur Conan Doyle, who himself was a doctor before he became an author, once said, “When a doctor goes wrong, he is the first of criminals. He has nerve and he has knowledge.”

During World War 2, the doctors serving the Nazi regime were the worst examples of cruelty to humans. Around 52,000 doctors joined the National Socialist (Nazi) Party, a higher proportion over many other professions. They enjoyed higher salaries and opportunities for academic advancement.

At the Nuremberg doctors’ trials following victory of the Allies, 23 Nazi physicians faced trial, 16 were convicted and seven were executed.

Strangely, opportunism prevailed over total justice. After the war, the US used the services of some of these rogue scientists, such as Otto Ambros. He had invented the deadly sarin nerve gas, was convicted of mass murder at the Nuremberg trials, but later freed and worked for the American chemical industry manufacturing thalidomide. It’s a notorious anti-nausea drug that caused birth defects in many newborns whose mothers had taken it, forcing the drug off the market. 

The Nuremberg Code of Medical Ethics was the offshoot of the Nuremberg trials. The basic principles are informed consent, safety from physical and mental harm, option to leave a medical experiment, and to terminate the trials in case the risks exceed benefits.

Anthony Fauci and ‘medical fascism’

There is a cliché that history repeats itself. Are we living the repeated history? Is Anthony Fauci the present-day face of ‘medical fascism’? Fauci fragmented the science, and true to the character of Conan Doyle’s doctor gone wrong, cold-bloodedly killed the art of medicine.

By his various acts of omission and commission, he was squarely responsible for the ham-handed manner in which the coronavirus pandemic was managed, causing immense suffering and misery to the masses, particularly the marginalised in poor countries.

Anthony Fauci ignored the evidence available early into the pandemic that there was a huge difference in the lethality from the virus according to age and comorbidities. An elderly and frail person with comorbidity was 1,000 times more likely to succumb to the infection compared to a young, healthy child. Not only Fauci went wrong in overlooking this glaring evidence, but he even tried to cover up one falsehood with another, time and again, and ridiculed those who challenged his views.

Fauci’s consistent downplaying of natural immunity, recommending vaccines for children and for those who had recovered from past infection, and the closure of schools and businesses were major blunders that in normal times would amount to medical negligence and medical malpractice, if not manslaughter on a colossal scale.

As head of the US National Institute of Health (NIH) and adviser to the White House for Covid-19 strategy, he is to be squarely blamed for the immense harm caused to humanity as the world blindly followed the US, which blindly followed Anthony Fauci. In spite of going against science, he once arrogantly said that if you attacked him, you were effectively attacking science. He did not tolerate dissenters and ridiculed a plan of action suggested by a group of leading epidemiologists, brushing it aside as “total nonsense”.

The Great (Medical) Dictator

Anthony Fauci should arguably go down in history as the greatest medical dictator of all times.

Do most doctors tend to have dictatorial traits? Certainly not. Out of the 52,000 doctors who joined the Nazi Party under Adolf Hitler, only 23 (0.04%), faced the Nuremberg trials. This 0.04% might have risen in the ranks of the profession due to their authoritarian traits. The rest may have made up the herd going for better career prospects and salaries.

The Fauci era also witnessed the same dynamics. Anthony Fauci, with strong ties with the pharmaceutical industry, dominated the American medical fraternity directly and the global medical profession indirectly for five long decades. The Real Anthony Fauci, a tell-tale book by Covid vaccine-critic Robert Kennedy Jr, describes in great detail how Fauci paired up with tycoon Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the World Health Organisation (WHO) to launch a global war on democracy and public health.

Among them, they control almost all the major research funds and medical journals, and even the mainstream media. So, professional doctors and scientists who depend on funds for research and career advancements cannot step out of line. The NIH, headed by Anthony Fauci’s buddy Francis Collins, doled out $45 billion in research funding in the year 2022.  Similarly, media houses, too, danced to the tune of the paid pipers. The foundation run by Gates lavishly used money to shape the media.

The unholy association drove a narrative of panic and doomsday, driving a collective hysteria that may have contributed to policy errors down the chain during the Covid-19 pandemic that destroyed public health, so much that it will take a long time to recover, if at all.

The pandemic may be over, but the tempo of the ‘method in this madness’ set by authoritarian doctors and policy makers persists as evidenced by the announcement of a many times more severe pandemic of “disease X” without any evidence base.

Dark legacy

Anthony Fauci may have stepped down, but his cronies will carry his legacy along. Collins, who along with Fauci suppressed all debate and dissenting views from top scientists during the pandemic, has been appointed scientific adviser to the White House. Another concerning development is the appointment of Jeremy Farrar as chief scientist of the WHO.

Farrar was earlier a director at pharmaceutical giant, Wellcome Trust. Farrar also conspired with Fauci to suppress the lab-leak theory about the origin of the coronavirus. And Fauci continues to work behind the scenes. His latest endeavour is to further empower the discredited and unaccountable WHO.

With such unholy alliances, we can only expect a disrupted future. The medical dictators and their minions in most of the nations, unearthed by the pandemic, pushed draconian measures and shocked citizens of the world into surrendering their fundamental rights. They will continue to work in the shadows to stir up pandemics in the future to consolidate their dictatorial power.

The sham of pandemic preparedness aided by the proposed pandemic treaty and amendments to international health regulations being lobbied by the WHO will throw us on the road to international fascism.

But this time around, the fascism – or Faucism – will be driven by medical dictators instead of military dictators. We will degenerate into a healthcare police and profit raj. A bitter medicine for the common citizen administered by doctors-turned-dictators.

(Dr. Amitav Banerjee was a field epidemiologist for over two decades with the Indian Army. He led the mobile epidemic investigation team at the Armed Forces Medical College in Pune from 2000-2004. During this period, he investigated a number of outbreaks in the country. He is presently a professor at a medical college in Pune and an academic editor at PLOS ONE journal. The column reflects the author’s opinions and not necessarily those of Empire Diaries.)

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