G20 Summit: Tainted Guests In Shiny Suits

Do Joe Biden, Rishi Sunak, Li Qiang, Justin Trudeau, among other rockstars of world politics, deserve a red-carpet welcome in Dilli for the G20 Summit? Let's take an honest look at their CVs.

Inglorious CVs at the G20 Summit


September 8, 2023: When Bharat hosts the G20 Summit in Dilli this weekend, the red carpet will be rolled out for a long queue of celebrated world leaders in shiny suits. While the mainstream media is giving them a warm welcome, we have a simple question for you. Do you think these global leaders deserve the hospitality, given the tainted track record of the countries they represent? Let’s critically look at who these high-profile visitors really work for.

The rockstars of international politics are here, wining and dining in the loveliest parts of Dilli. US President Joe Biden, British PM Rishi Sunak, Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau, Japanese PM Fumio Kishida, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and French President Emmanuel Macron are among the top attractions at the party. They are joined by representatives sent by Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Cameras will chase them and flash without a break. Security forces will protect them from all sides. TV headlines will give a ball-by-ball commentary of their moves. Only the elite class of Bharat will get to brush shoulders with the guests. The high-profile visitors will make intellectual faces and discuss ways to save the planet. The G20 Summit will be one hell of a party. The two days of talks will deliver net zero results (pun intended) for the world’s poorest people. But it doesn’t matter, that’s because the show will be dazzling.

Well, Indian civilisation is thousands of years old. It is way older than some of the civilisations that the visiting politicians represent. Let’s set aside the hype and hoopla, and let’s critically look at the credentials of the high-profile guests.

G20 Summit: Guest list scrutiny

Let’s start with Joe Biden, the US president. America is by a long way the single biggest military bully in the world today. The Pentagon has over 750 military bases in more than 80 countries. It has illegally intervened in dozens of countries that don’t follow its orders. It has brutalised Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Let us not even talk about the nuclear terror attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

As a notorious interventionist, America meddles in Bharat’s internal affairs, too. It happily uses the World Bank and the IMF to influence how this country is run. Worst of them all, several thousand US companies are currently minting money in Bharat and transferring the country’s financial wealth to Wall Street banks. There are a lot more things that the US does covertly in Bharat. We will discuss that in another report.

Biden is the proud president of the American war machine. He is the president of the country with the biggest racism problem. He is the president of the country that carried out nuclear terror attacks on Japan. Under Biden’s watch, American defence companies are trying to dump their costly products in Bharat. Does the US representative deserve a red-carpet welcome in Dilli? Should we allow him to lecture us on freedom and friendship?

Let’s move on to China, Bharat’s biggest neighbour. We have the same question regarding Chinese Premier Li Qiang, who will land here, happy and smiling. During the last 30 years, a few thousand Chinese manufacturers have silently captured the textile sector, electronics industry, and household goods market in Bharat. Thanks to the gigantic dumping of Chinese goods, Bharat’s domestic economy has been decimated.

Our trade deficit with China now stands at a pathetic $47 billion. There’s another area in which Beijing makes New Delhi bleed expenses. Although politically convenient for both sides, Bharat-China border tensions deeply impact the Indian economy and its stability. So, why should we greet a representative from this government with open arms? Does China deserve it?

Now, let’s move on to another superstar guest at the G20 Summit – Sunak, the ever-smiling British PM. Britain’s illegitimate looting of the Indian economy during the past is history’s most well-known crime. But the British government has never shown the slightest tendency to make up for that monumental crime. No remorse even.

The famines that the British once gave us were much worse than even the Holocaust. But the UK has never been punished for those crimes. Instead, Britain misuses Bharat as a treasure of talent. It has a perpetual policy of attracting lakhs of Indian brains to relocate and work for British companies. And then, of course, there are hundreds of British companies that are minting money in India and moving that money straight into the banks in London. Does Sunak, who represents a country with this dirty past, be given a warm welcome? What has he done to deserve it?

It’s the same story with many other world leaders who will attend the G20 summit. If we go into each one’s legacy one by one, it will take up a lot more of your time! So, let’s just take a quick look. Take French President Macron, one of the guests at the G20 Summit. He represents a government that bullies about a dozen African countries and treats them as undeclared economic colonies of Paris. French companies are among the 17,000 or more foreign businesses that are busy sucking money out of the Indian economy.

Then there’s Japanese PM Kishida. He recently hosted a G7 summit in Hiroshima, of all places. Over there, he shamelessly welcomed the president of America with a beaming smile. The same America that devastated Hiroshima with a nuclear bomb in 1945.

The list of guests with a dirty legacy continues. There’s PM Trudeau of Canada. The country has been in the spotlight in recent times for the discovery of mass dead bodies of indigenous children at Canadian church schools. Plus, Canadian insiders from time to time carry out destabilising activities in Punjab in order to give the Indian government sleepless nights. Should we smilingly welcome Trudeau?

Then there are the leaders and representatives from Russia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. Russia is happily dragging a never-ending war in Ukraine. The longer it is, the better, because war is always profitable for defence businesses, who essentially run the show. South Africa still practises racism, although unofficially. Saudi Arabia’s treatment of Indian construction labourers is well-known. And we all know how Australia’s indigenous people have been sidelined and turned into a boutique showpiece.

G20 Summit: Tainted leaders?

What right do the representatives of all these tainted countries have to receive a warm welcome in Dilli? Many people argue that national leaders attending the G20 Summit are only representatives. That they are not the real culprits piloting their countries’ crimes. Well, in that case, why have they volunteered to represent countries with a dark history at events such as the G20 Summit? Only because they want to enjoy the attention and the media coverage.

G20 is basically a group that is piloted by the G7 countries. We know that the G7 governments are controlled by giant corporations and conglomerates. And these giant businesses are run by families that we hardly know much about. So essentially, the G20 is an indirect representation of the real powers who control the world. That is precisely why we should not shower the visiting G20 leaders with flowers. Instead, we should ask them – as Bob Dylan asked in his song Blowin’ in the Wind – “How many ears must one man have, before he can hear people cry?”

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