Modi In US — Exposing America’s Hidden Agenda

America's new grand strategy is to target Bharat as a money-making destination, as evident from the Modi in US show. Watch Declassified with Nadim

Nadim Siraj

July 3, 2023: Till last winter, the Western media was having a party time attacking the Indian Prime Minister. The US government and the American press were lecturing Bharat on democracy and freedom of speech. Six months later, look at what’s happening now. Washington DC is dancing in joy while hosting the Indian PM on his official state visit. The ‘Modi in US’ show is suddenly America’s cherished project.

So, why is America rolling out the red carpet for a head of state it was earlier criticizing, bashing? What is their new game plan? What is the hidden agenda?

Modi in US: America’s hidden plan

There’s a carnival atmosphere in Washington these days. The White House, the Congress, major US companies – they are all busy with just one project. How to make Modi’s visit extraordinary. How to make Bharat very, very happy. Basically, it’s time for the Modi in US Show!

We all know, when America pays you attention, it does that only when there is a hidden agenda. If Bharat is suddenly important for them now, then they are definitely plotting something. So, what is the hidden plan?

The China factor

Why this dramatic change of attitude towards Bharat with Modi in US? There are two ulterior motives. One, it’s about China. And two, it’s about business.

Let’s start with China. We know that US-China relations are at an all-time low. USA is no longer the single global superpower. It is becoming weaker and weaker. Its favourite weapon, the US dollar, is quickly losing its power. The US military has lost its ability to invade countries just like that. On the other hand, China has become a big force. It is racing towards replacing the US as a superpower.


The US is desperately trying to find ways to control China. Because the faster China rises, the faster the US empire will crash. So, the US government has decided to use all its powers to surround China. Their military and their diplomats are getting ready for a proper war with China.

In this atmosphere, what does America need most? You guessed it right. They need Bharat. That’s why the drummed up Modi in US show. They desperately need a big partner like Bharat in their fight against China. See, the Pentagon has realised that its partners near China are too small in size. There’s Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Philippines. But they’re not good enough to bully China – it’s just too big.

Therefore, Bharat fits into their new plan. It is huge. It is the world’s biggest country by population. It shares a long border with China. It is a democracy just like the West. Most importantly, Dilli has a long-running cold war with Beijing.

So, Uncle Sam’s new policy is: we should stop attacking the Modi government. Because we need them in our war against China. Let’s become their best friend with whatever we’ve got.

Launch a silent economic operation

Let’s now come to the second reason why the US is buttering Bharat. You have seen in the news in recent times that the US economy is not in good shape. The golden days are over. It is facing multiple economic problems. It needs a lot of money to remain rich and powerful. But where will the money come from? They can’t just go on printing dollars every day. That way, the dollar’s value will crash.

So, how to get all that money? Simple. Target a large country with a huge marketplace. A country like Bharat. Then launch a silent economic operation. Send in the best US companies to do business in Bharat. Let them exploit the vast marketplace. Let them make a huge some of money, and then bring all the earnings into the US. Why do you think some top American CEOs came running to Washington to greet Modi? Because their new strategy is to target Bharat as a major-money-making destination. For them Bharat is simply a money making machine.

Now you know why America needs Bharat as its B-team. It’s about containing China, and exploiting the Indian economy. That’s why you saw Joe Biden flashing his teeth and happily welcoming Modi. Washington has decided to try every possible trick in its bag to make Bharat look important.

Modi in US: Bag full of presents

Have a good look at what the US offered India during Modi’s visit. You will get confirmation of their hidden agenda. They gave him a bagful of presents. But remember, they are tactical presents. There are enormous defence deals. One of them is General Electric’s deal to build jet engines in Bharat for the air force. Then there’s the deal that invites Bharat to join the Artemis project. It is America’s latest space mission that tries to counter the space exploration ambitions of China and Russia. You will also hear a lot about technology transfer deals.

The new American dream is crystal clear, as evident from America’s Modi in US show. But there is a catch. The dream may not come true. All these efforts by the White House and Corporate America may not give results. No matter how spectacular the Indian PM’s visit is, Dilli won’t become Washington’s sidekick.

It’s true that Corporate America already controls a part of Bharat’s economy. It’s also true that the IMF and the World Bank, and the White House itself, influence Bharat’s policy. But Biden’s bribes won’t turn Bharat into another Ukraine – which is a blind partner of the US.

Remember that we no longer live in a unipolar world dominated by America. We are gradually moving towards a multipolar world. Other civilizations are slowly gaining voice, such as China, Russia, Bharat, Turkey, Iran, and Brazil. In this new world order, Dilli will play a balancing act.

There are quite a few areas in which Dilli disagrees with Washington. There’s the de-dollarization movement. Bharat has joined the global fight to cut the US dollar down to size. Bharat is a powerful member of BRICS, a counterweight to the G7.

Despite tensions on the border, India is still a steady trading partner of China, although China gains more from it than India does. And then Bharat is openly fighting to clip the wings of Silicon Valley giants. Google, Facebook, Twitter – all these giant monopolies are in Bharat’s firing line. Notice how happy Elon Musk was after meeting Modi. Why was he so keen to meet him? It’s not just about opening Tesla car factories in Bharat. It’s about bowing to the Indian government.  

So, what’s the outcome of America’s Modi in US show? The US is taking a gamble. In its desperation to take on China, it wants Bharat to become a blind partner. But Bharat has other plans. What will America do next?

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