Three Years Into Covid-19, Burning Questions That WHO Needs To Answer (Part 4)

Dr. Veena Raghava wants to know why an intense fear psychosis was created for a viral infection that can be easily treated
A very small proportion of the global population protested over the WHO’s knee-jerk measures during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic (Credit: Pixabay)

An Empire Diaries Series

April 5, 2023: Last month marked three years since the coronavirus disease was declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organisation) on March 11, 2020. Over the course of this turbulent period, a growing number of questions have been raised by medical experts, activists, and critical-thinking people in relation to the Covid-19 narrative.

The questions that critical-thinking people have been asking about the handling of the pandemic cover a wide range of subjects and issues.

Topics include the need for hard lockdowns, the origin of the Covid-19 virus, the media’s role in spreading fear, the vaccine mandates, the mask mandates, other restrictions such as physical distancing, the politicising of decisions at the WHO, the sweeping aside of alternative remedies and thoughts, and much more.


Empire Diaries spoke with a number of subject-matter experts and asked them what some of the important questions are that they would like the WHO to answer to the public at once.

This article is the fourth of a series of questionnaire sets that we are publishing in public interest. The series started with some thought-provoking questions directed at the WHO by Dr. Amitav Banerjee (Part 1), followed by Susan Raj (Part 2) and Bhaskaran Raman (Part 3).

In this article, Dr. Veena Raghava, a respected India-based clinician, anesthetist, and clinical nutritionist, has compiled a bunch of burning questions for the global health body to answer – at once.

Dr. Veena is an MBBS from Madras Medical College and has a Diploma in Anesthesia from Bangalore Medical College. She worked as an anesthesiologist for about two decades, and also served in emergency care till the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. She firmly believes in clinical nutrition and Anthroposophic medicine. Dr. Veena is also one of the founder members of the India-headquartered UHO (Universal Health Organisation). It was created by logical-thinking doctors, experts, and activists during the pandemic as part of a campaign to combat the mainstream narrative.


1. Why was the definition of the word ‘pandemic’ changed in the context of Covid-19?

2. Since when was the WHO planning the coronavirus pandemic?

3. Why should the WHO comprise members who are not elected to their respective positions?

4. Why does the WHO need private funding to run its affairs?

5. Was the WHO a part of ‘Event 201’, a pandemic mock drill held on October 18, 2019 in New York?

6. You call yourself World Health Organisation. But why do you focus mostly on talking about diseases, and not about health and healthcare?

7. If your purpose is to serve vulnerable populations, why did you disrupt their lives with harsh mandates and negligence during the pandemic?

8. How come such an important healthcare organisation is not headed by a medical doctor?

9. During the pandemic, why did the WHO repeatedly shift the goal posts with regard to treatment protocols, vaccine and mask mandates, and the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 jabs?

10. Some of the WHO’s decisions related to pandemic-related disruptions are known to have impacted the lives of about 3.3 billion members of the global workforce. Who will take responsibility for the damage done?

11. Why was an intense fear psychosis created for a viral infection that can be easily treated?

12. Why didn’t the WHO work on increasing the immunity of the people instead of spending time and money on vaccines?

13. How could a vaccine be created at breakneck speed, bypassing all norms?

14. Didn’t lockdowns increase the risk of spreading the coronavirus? Did the WHO want that to happen?

15. Shutting schools deprived children of their fundamental right to education and made them addicted to the digital screen for online classes. Will the WHO take responsibility for this?

16. How is it that all ruling and opposition parties in most countries have been toeing the WHO’s line on the pandemic? Was everybody bought over?

17. For a disease with a recovery rate of 99.7% following infection and robust immunity after that, why were funds wasted on creating a vaccine that is proving to be dangerous for many people?

18. Why doesn’t the WHO own up to its mistakes and blunders?

19. Who is going to compensate for the loss of lives, livelihood, and residual injuries post vaccination, and the mental stress that people face? Does the WHO have an answer?

20. Why shouldn’t the global body be disbanded, making way for each country to have its own health policy depending on its population, demographics, and the available medical modalities of treatment and expertise?

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