YouTube Blocks Indian Epidemiologist’s Interview About Coronavirus Vaccine For Children

"Our children are not guinea pigs," says Dr Amitav Banerjee in a video taken down due to regressive YT policy

YouTube has blocked an interview of Dr. Amitav Banerjee, who is a top epidemiologist in India and Head of Community Medicine at Dr. D Y Patil Medical College, Pune.

Empire Diaries interviewed Dr. Banerjee, in which he said, “This vaccine is going to do more harm than good to kids.” To substantiate, he quoted studies, data and research.

He also said, “Children’s vaccination is unscientific and mass vaccination flouts the principles of public health.”

“In India, there is no control group to study the side effects of vaccination on kids, anyone is going to rural areas to vaccinate. Government is doing public health quackery,” Dr. Banerjee said.

Empire Diaries uploaded the interview and YT blocked it immediately, claiming it caused “medical misinformation”.

YT may block our work, but we will stand up to fight and continue to spread the message in public interest.

Here is a message from me as to what exactly happened.


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