‘Rockets Were Blowing Up Above My Head’

Firsthand account from an Indian present at the centre of the Hamas-Israel conflict

An Indian man staying in Rehovot, near Tel Aviv, in the midst of the Israel-Palestine conflict narrates his experience of living inside a bomb shelter and how the Iron Dome anti-missile shield is protecting Israelis from enemy missiles.

The crisis in the Middle East went on for 11 tense days before an uneasy ceasefire was declared by Gaza-based Hamas and the Israeli government.

The Gaza Strip has seen over 250 deaths from Israeli airstrikes and shelling, while at least 12 people have died in Israel due to rockets fired by Hamas militants.

Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah, too, had become a focal point of the Israel-Palestine war, trending wildly across social media platforms.

Several thousand Indians work and study in Israel. Among them, an Indian woman died from a Hamas rocket attack.

At the time when the war was raging, nobody was safe there. How were the other Indians in Israel doing? How did it feel to live inside a bomb shelter? Do you know how a bomb shelter looks like? What is the Iron Dome? How is the Iron Dome saving Israel from Hamas rocket attacks?

Empire Diaries spoke with Sanmay Ganguly, an Indian living in Israel for close to four years. Watch this gripping conversation with Ratna on Empire Diaries.

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