Mini-Empires: American Cities With Economies As Big As Countries

Many of us don’t really know how to make sense of the actual clout of the United States of America. Do we judge the US – the world’s most influential economy – by its sheer diplomatic sway? Do we judge its clout by its military firepower? Or do we judge it by its economic output?

A novel way to gauge the height of America’s power is to compare the country’s little mini-economies, which are its popular cities, with the economies of top nations around the world.

This candid and incredible visual chart gives us a clear picture of how the economies of 20 American cities have economies that are as big as the economies of entire countries. It gives us mindboggling revelations, for example, New York City’s economy is as large as the economy of the whole of Canada. Have a look at the other US cities and their ‘equivalent’ national economies.

Source:, a financial literacy website

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