The Giant Empires That Run Today’s World

What comes to mind first when we come across the word ’empires’? The Mughal Empire, the Roman Empire, the British Empire and so on, isn’t? How about the term ‘modern-day empires’? Well, that makes us think of powerful countries in today’s world – such as the US, China, Britain, Japan, Germany and so on.

Little are we aware that it’s not countries or kingdoms that are modern-day empires. It’s the world’s biggest corporates or companies. These massive transnational companies are the modern-day empires that today run almost every aspect of our lives.

Here’s a visualised look at the most influential companies or empires of our times by market capitalisation. The illustration gives us a clear picture of how the empires compare against each other.

Source:, a financial literacy website

Top 10 Modern-Day Empires (by Market Capitalisation In 2020)

1. Apple (US): $1.9 trillion

2. Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia): $1.8 trillion

3. Microsoft (US): $1.5 trillion

4. Amazon (US): $1.5 trillion

5. Alphabet (US): $969 billion

6. Alibaba (China) $729 billion

7. Facebook (US): $711 billion

8. Tencent Holdings (China) $637 billion

9. Berkshire Hathaway (US): $499 billion

10. Visa (US): $429 billion

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