It’s Kisan Diwas, Farmers’ Lives Matter

On the occasion of Farmers' Day, here's the story of how farming was born

Today is Kisan Diwas – Farmers’ Day. It’s celebrated in India on this day every year. But do we care about Kisan Diwas like we mark Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Happiness Day, and so on? There are so many ‘days’ we observe. On Kisan Diwas, let’s ask ourselves: do we care about our ‘food growers’ – food that is produced with the blood and sweat of our farmers? How many of us actually know today is Farmers’ Day in India?

We know a day doesn’t make a huge difference. But at least let’s pause today and thank our ‘food growers’ for feeding us – not just today but every day.

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