Can Remdesivir Knock The Coronavirus Out?

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It’s not yet known for sure if remdesivir will really work (File/Pixabay)

May 2, 2020, New Delhi: In a major breakthrough, the US drug regulatory body, #FDA, has given the go-ahead to the antiviral drug called #remdesivir to be immediately used on #Covid19 patients for treatment.

Although not conclusive, doctors in the US say remdesivir helps #coronavirus patients to recover faster than usual.

Remdesivir is manufactured by the pharma giant #GileadSciences.

The drug will be tried out on an emergency basis on both young and adult #Covid patients in the US.

If it continues to show positive results, doctors expect it might hold the key to a much needed breakthrough treatment to the respiratory disease that has killed over 240,000 people worldwide.

Remdesivir as of now is not available in bulk across the world.

#Covid19India #pandemic #CovidTreatment

U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Gilead Sciences

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